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2022-02-01Ultra-small cobalt particles embedded in titania by ion beam synthesis: Additional datasets including electron microscopy, neutron reflectometry, modelling outputs and particle size analysis.Bake, A; Rahman, MR; Evans, PJ; Cortie, M; Nancarrow, M; Abrudan, R; Radu, F; Khaydukov, Y; Causer, G; Livesey, KL; Callori, S; Mitchell, DRG; Pastuovic, Z; Wang, X; Cortie, D
2022-01-01Thermosalience Revealed on the Atomic Scale: Rapid Synchrotron Techniques Uncover Molecular Motion Preceding Crystal JumpingAngeloski, A; Price, JR; Ennis, C; Smith, K; McDonagh, AM; Dowd, A; Thomas, P; Cortie, M; Appadoo, D; Bhadbhade, M
2021-12-30Structure and magnetism of ultra-small cobalt particles assembled at titania surfaces by ion beam synthesisBake, A; Rezoanur Rahman, M; Evans, PJ; Cortie, M; Nancarrow, M; Abrudan, R; Radu, F; Khaydukov, Y; Causer, G; Callori, S; Livesey, KL; Mitchell, D; Pastuovic, Z; Wang, X; Cortie, D
2018-01-01Design, control, and characterisation of switchable radiative coolingGentle, A; Tai, M; White, S; Arnold, M; Cortie, M; Smith, G
2017-12-27Prussian Blue Nanocubes with an Open Framework Structure Coated with PEDOT as High-Capacity Cathodes for Lithium–Sulfur BatteriesSu, D; Cortie, M; Fan, H; Wang, G
2017-04-19Fabrication of N-doped Graphene–Carbon Nanotube Hybrids from Prussian Blue for Lithium–Sulfur BatteriesSu, D; Cortie, M; Wang, G
2016-06-01Nanophotonics-enabled smart windows, buildings and wearablesSmith, G; Gentle, A; Arnold, M; Cortie, M
2015-12-22Plasmon resonances on opto-capacitive nanostructuresShahcheraghi, N; Dowd, AR; Arnold, M; Cortie, M
2015-10-23Predicting the Crystal Structure and Phase Transitions in High-Entropy AlloysKing, DM; Middleburgh, SC; Edwards, L; Lumpkin, GR; Cortie, M
2015-05-01Plasmonic 'top-hat' nano-star arrays by electron beam lithographyZhu, S; Cheng, HH; Blakey, I; Stokes, N; Ostrikov, K; Cortie, M
2015-01-01Effect of multimodal plasmon resonances on the optical properties of five-pointed nanostarsZhu, S; Cortie, M; Blakey, I
2014-06-25Segregation and migration of species in the CrCoFeNi high entropy alloyMiddleburgh, SC; King, DM; Lumpkin, GR; Cortie, M; Edwards, L
2014-01-01On the formation of nanocrystalline active zinc oxide from zinc hydroxide carbonateMoezzi, A; Cortie, M; Dowd, A; McDonagh, A
2013-03-01Formation of zinc hydroxide nitrate by H<sup>+</sup>-catalyzed dissolution-precipitationMoezzi, A; Cortie, M; McDonagh, AM
2013-01-07Zinc hydroxyacetate and its transformation to nanocrystalline zinc oxideMoezzi, A; McDonagh, A; Dowd, A; Cortie, M
2013Plasmon hybridization and field confinement in multilayer metal-dielectric nanocupsFrederiksen, M; Bochenkov, V; Sutherland, D; Cortie, M
2012-11-01Interfacial reactions in white iron/steel compositesLucey, T; Wuhrer, R; Moran, K; Reid, M; Huggett, P; Cortie, M
2012-05-14Solidification phenomena during casting of stainless steel/cast iron compositesLucey, T; Wuhrer, R; Huggett, P; Moran, K; Yeung, W; Cortie, M
2011-05-14Aqueous pathways for the formation of zinc oxide nanoparticlesMoezzi, A; Cortie, M; McDonagh, A
2011-04-01Visualization of vortex motion in FeAs-based BaFe<inf>1.9</inf>Ni <inf>0.1</inf>As<inf>2</inf> single crystal by means of magneto-optical imagingLin, ZW; Li, YJ; Zhu, JG; Wang, XL; Dou, SX; Guo, YG; Lei, G; Wang, Y; Philips, M; Cortie, M; Li, YC; Choi, KY; Shi, X