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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
Jan-2013Welsh tea: The centering and decentering of Wales and the Welsh languageCoupland, NJ; Pietikäinen, S; Kelly-Holmes, H
Jan-2012Bilingualism on display: The framing of Welsh and English in Welsh public spacesCoupland, NJ
Jan-2011The sociolinguistics of styleCoupland, NJ; Rajend Mesthrie
Jan-2011SLICE: Critical perspectives on language (de)standardisationCoupland, NJ; Kristiansen, T; Coupland, N
Jan-2011How frequent are numbers?Coupland, NJ
Jan-2011Voice, place and genre in popular music performanceCoupland, NJ
Jan-2010Introduction: Sociolinguistics in the global eraCoupland, NJ; Coupland, N
Jan-2010The authentic speaker and the speech communityCoupland, NJ; Llamas, C; Watts, D
Jan-2010Accommodation theoryCoupland, NJ; Jaspers, J; Östman, JO; Verschueren, J
Jan-2010Language, ideology, media and social changeCoupland, NJ; Junod, IK; Maillat, D
Jan-2010Welsh linguistic landscapes `from above' and `from below'Coupland, NJ; Jaworski, A; Thurlow, C
Jan-2010Other representationCoupland, NJ; Jaspers, J; Östman, JO; Verschueren, J
Jan-2010Linguistic landscapes, discursive frames and metacultural performance: The case of Welsh PatagoniaCoupland, NJ; Garrett, P
Jan-2009Ideologised values for British accentsCoupland, NJ; Bishop, H; Coupland, N; Jaworski, A
Jan-2009Dialects, standards and social changeCoupland, NJ; Maegaard, M; Gregersen, F; Quist, P; Jorgensen, JN
Jan-2009A critical history of SociolinguisticsCoupland, NJ; Jaworski, A; Coupland, N; Jaworski, A
Jan-2009Social worlds through languageCoupland, NJ; Jaworski, A; Coulpand, N; Jaworski, A
Jan-2009Dialect style, social class and metacultural performance: The pantomime DameCoupland, NJ; Coupland, N; Jaworski, A
Jan-2009Attributing stance in discourses of body shape and weight lossCoupland, J; Coupland, NJ; Jaffe, A
Jan-2009Diasporic ethnolinguistic subjectivities: Patagonia, North America and WalesGarrett, P; Bishop, H; Coupland, NJ