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8-Jun-2017Interchange rotation factors and player characteristics influence physical and technical performance in professional Australian Rules football.Dillon, PA; Kempton, T; Ryan, S; Hocking, J; Coutts, AJ
May-2017Prediction: The Modern-Day Sport-Science and Sports-Medicine "Quest for the Holy Grail".McCall, A; Fanchini, M; Coutts, AJ
Apr-2017Monitoring Athlete Training Loads: Consensus Statement.Bourdon, PC; Cardinale, M; Murray, A; Gastin, P; Kellmann, M; Varley, MC; Gabbett, TJ; Coutts, AJ; Burgess, DJ; Gregson, W; Cable, NT
Apr-2017Unpacking the Black Box: Applications and Considerations for Using GPS Devices in Sport.Malone, JJ; Lovell, R; Varley, MC; Coutts, AJ
Apr-2017Assessing the Measurement Sensitivity and Diagnostic Characteristics of Athlete-Monitoring Tools in National Swimmers.Crowcroft, S; McCleave, E; Slattery, K; Coutts, AJ
Mar-2017Temperate Performance Benefits after Heat, but Not Combined Heat and Hypoxic Training.McCleave, EL; Slattery, KM; Duffield, R; Saunders, PU; Sharma, AP; Crowcroft, SJ; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2017Longitudinal Changes and Seasonal Variation in Body Composition in Professional Australian Football Players.Bilsborough, JC; Kempton, T; Greenway, K; Cordy, J; Coutts, AJ
2017The Influence of Restricted Visual Feedback on Dribbling Performance in Youth Soccer Players.Fransen, J; Lovell, TW; Bennett, KJ; Deprez, D; Deconinck, FJ; Lenoir, M; Coutts, AJ
2017Impact of mental fatigue on speed and accuracy components of soccer-specific skillsSmith, MR; Fransen, J; Deprez, D; Coutts, AJ; Lenoir, M
2017Assessing Overreaching With HRR: What is the Minimal Exercise Intensity Required?Le Meur, Y; Buchheit, M; Aubry, A; Coutts, AJ; Hausswirth, C
2017A Comparison of Physical and Technical Performance Profiles Between Successful and Less-Successful Professional Rugby League Teams.Kempton, T; Sirotic, AC; Coutts, AJ
1-Dec-2016Similar mitochondrial signaling responses to a single bout of continuous or small-sided-games-based exercise in sedentary men.Mendham, AE; Duffield, R; Coutts, AJ; Marino, FE; Boyko, A; McAinch, AJ; Bishop, DJ
Jun-2016The effect of low- vs high-cadence interval training on the freely chosen cadence and performance in endurance-trained cyclistsWhitty, AG; Murphy, AJ; Coutts, AJ; Watsford, ML
Jun-2016Can off-field 'brains' provide a competitive advantage in professional football?McCall, A; Davison, M; Carling, C; Buckthorpe, M; Coutts, AJ; Dupont, G
22-Mar-2016Mental Fatigue Impairs Technical Performance in Small-Sided Soccer Games.Badin, OO; Smith, MR; Conte, D; Coutts, AJ
Jan-2016The expected value of possession in professional rugby league match-play.Kempton, T; Kennedy, N; Coutts, AJ
2016The influence of maturation, physical capacity, technical ability and motor competence on playing level and position in youth soccer playersLovell, T; Bocking, CJ; Fransen, J; Chang, S; Coutts, AJ; Favero, T; Drust, B; Dawson, B
2016Factors affecting exercise intensity in professional rugby league match-play.Kempton, T; Coutts, AJ
2016Changes in Anthropometry, Upper Body Strength and Nutrient Intake in Professional Australian Football Players During a Season.Bilsborough, JC; Greenway, K; Livingston, S; Cordy, J; Coutts, AJ
Sep-2015Consensus recommendations on training and competing in the heat.Racinais, S; Alonso, JM; Coutts, AJ; Flouris, AD; Girard, O; González-Alonso, J; Hausswirth, C; Jay, O; Lee, JKW; Mitchell, N; Nassis, GP; Nybo, L; Pluim, BM; Roelands, B; Sawka, MN; Wingo, J; Périard, JD