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2022-07-25International prevalence of consultation with a naturopathic practitioner: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Steel, A; Redmond, R; Schloss, J; Cramer, H; Goldenberg, J; Leach, MJ; Harnett, JE; Van de Venter, C; McLintock, A; Bradley, R; Hawrelak, J; Cooley, K; Leung, B; Adams, J; Wardle, J
2022-01-31Development of the CLARIFY (CheckList stAndardising the Reporting of Interventions For Yoga) guidelines: a Delphi studyWard, L; Nault, D; Cramer, H; Moonaz, S
2022-01-05Profiles and predictors of healthcare utilization: using a cluster-analytic approach to identify typical users across conventional, allied and complementary medicine, and self-care.Recchia, DR; Cramer, H; Wardle, J; Lee, DJ; Ostermann, T; Lauche, R
2021-12-01Characteristics of systematic reviews of yoga: a bibliometric analysis of the researchWieland, LS; Pilkington, K; Lauche, R; Cramer, H; Verstappen, A; Parker, E
2021-10-07Differences Between Omnivores and Vegetarians in Personality Profiles, Values, and Empathy: A Systematic ReviewHoller, S; Cramer, H; Liebscher, D; Jeitler, M; Schumann, D; Murthy, V; Michalsen, A; Kessler, CS
2021-09Increasing Trend of Yoga Practice Among U.S. Adults From 2002 to 2017.Zhang, Y; Lauche, R; Cramer, H; Munk, N; Dennis, JA
2021-08-01Patients’ Perceptions on Non-specific Effects of Acupuncture: Qualitative Comparison Between Responders and Non-respondersHo, RST; Ho, FF; Adams, J; Cramer, H; Leung, B; Ward, L; Zhang, Y; Chung, VCH
2021-08Yoga in women with abdominal obesity - Do lifestyle factors mediate the effect? Secondary analysis of a RCT.Anheyer, D; Koch, AK; Thoms, MS; Dobos, G; Cramer, H
2021-01-01Complementary medicine use in US adults with a history of colorectal cancer: a nationally representative survey.Wong, CH; Sundberg, T; Chung, VC; Voiss, P; Cramer, H
2021-01Effects of an Integrative Mind-Body-Medicine Group Program on Breast Cancer Patients During Chemotherapy: An Observational Study.Haller, H; Choi, K-E; Lange, S; Kümmel, S; Paul, A; Cramer, H; Dobos, G; Voiss, P
2021-01Prevalence and predictors of yogic breathing and meditation use - A nationally representative survey of US adult yoga practitioners.Schröter, M; Cramer, H
2021Ayurvedic vs. Conventional Nutritional Therapy Including Low-FODMAP Diet for Patients With Irritable Bowel Syndrome-A Randomized Controlled Trial.Jeitler, M; Wottke, T; Schumann, D; Puerto Valencia, LM; Michalsen, A; Steckhan, N; Mittwede, M; Stapelfeldt, E; Koppold-Liebscher, D; Cramer, H; Wischnewsky, M; Murthy, V; Kessler, CS
2020-12The effect of quercetin on the prevention or treatment of COVID-19 and other respiratory tract infections in humans: A rapid review.Aucoin, M; Cooley, K; Saunders, PR; Cardozo, V; Remy, D; Cramer, H; Neyre Abad, C; Hannan, N
2020-11-18Do women who consult with naturopaths or herbalists have a healthy lifestyle?: a secondary analysis of the Australian longitudinal study on women's health.Steel, A; Tiveron, S; Reid, R; Wardle, J; Cramer, H; Adams, J; Sibbritt, D; Lauche, R
2020-08-05Comparative efficacy of different exercise interventions in chronic non-specific low back pain: protocol of a systematic review and network meta-analysis.Anheyer, D; Klose, P; Koch, AK; Haller, H; Dobos, G; Cramer, H
2020-06-01Editorial: 2020 update to information for authorsKemper, KJ; Cramer, H; Chung, VCH; Yen, HR
2020-05Conventional and Complementary Healthcare Utilization Among US Adults With Cardiovascular Disease or Cardiovascular Risk Factors: A Nationally Representative Survey.Kohl, WK; Dobos, G; Cramer, H
2020-03-01Mind-body medicine use by women diagnosed with breast cancer: results of a nationally representative surveyVoiß, P; Höxtermann, MD; Dobos, G; Cramer, H
2020-01-01Is Depression Associated with Unhealthy Behaviors among Middle-Aged and Older Women with Hypertension or Heart Disease?Cramer, H; Lauche, R; Adams, J; Frawley, J; Broom, A; Sibbritt, D
2020-01Complementary Medicine Use and Uptake of Cancer Screening Among US Adults: A Nationally Representative Cross-Sectional Survey.Voiß, P; Höxtermann, MD; Dobos, G; Cramer, H