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4-Jul-2017Responding to university policies and initiatives: the role of reflexivity in the mid-career academicBrew, A; Boud, D; Lucas, L; Crawford, K
12-May-2017Navigating the demands of academic work to shape an academic jobBrew, A; Boud, D; Crawford, K; Lucas, L
Mar-2016Transdisciplinary care in the emergency department: A qualitative analysis.Innes, K; Crawford, K; Jones, T; Blight, R; Trenham, C; Williams, A; Griffiths, D; Morphet, J
Jan-2016Using transprofessional care in the emergency department to reduce patient admissions: A retrospective audit of medical histories.Morphet, J; Griffiths, DL; Crawford, K; Williams, A; Jones, T; Berry, B; Innes, K
Dec-2015Aged care residents in the emergency department: the experiences of relatives.Morphet, J; Decker, K; Crawford, K; Innes, K; Williams, AF; Griffiths, D
Oct-2015Resident transfers from aged care facilities to emergency departments: can they be avoided?Morphet, J; Innes, K; Griffiths, DL; Crawford, K; Williams, A
Jan-2013Reflexive Deliberation In International Research Collaboration: Minimising Risk And Maximising OpportunityBrew, A; Boud, DJ; Lucas, L; Crawford, K
Jan-2006Many dimensions: the complex picture of student encounters with a computer algebra systemCoupland, MP; Crawford, K; Grootenboer, P; Zevenbergen, R; Chinnappan, M
Jan-2003Activity theory used in an educational investigationCoupland, MP; Crawford, K; Hasan, H; Gould, E; Verenikina, I