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1-May-2019Experimental and analytical investigation on CFRP strengthened glulam laminated timber beams: Full-scale experimentsVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
27-Dec-2018Experimental Investigation on the Effect of Bond Thickness on the Interface Behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Sheet Bonded to TimberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
15-Sep-2018Bond strength model for externally bonded FRP-to-timber interfaceVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
17-Jul-2018Width effect of FRP externally bonded to timberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
18-Dec-2017Modelling of Factors Affecting Bond Strength of Fibre Reinforced Polymer Externally Bonded to Timber and ConcreteVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
1-Oct-2017Effective bond length and bond behaviour of FRP externally bonded to timberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
30-Sep-2016Experimental and analytical study on dynamic performance of timber floor modules (timber beams)Rijal, R; Samali, B; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
1-May-2016Timber-concrete-composites increasing the use of timber in constructionDias, A; Skinner, J; Crews, K; Tannert, T
15-Jan-2016A dynamic-based method for the assessment of connection systems of timber composite structuresDackermann, U; Li, J; Rijal, R; Crews, K
1-Jan-2016Modelling the bond slip behaviour of FRP externally bonded to timberVahedian, A; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
1-Jan-2016The use of cross laminated timber for Long span flooring in commercial buildingsLewis, K; Basaglia, B; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
1-Jan-2014In situ assessment of structural timber using stress-wave measurementsDackermann, U; Crews, K; Kasal, B; Li, J; Riggio, M; Rinn, F; Tannert, T
1-Jan-2014Nonlinear long-term analysis of timber-concrete composite structures with finite element-finite difference schemeKhorsandnia, N; Valipour, HR; Crews, K
1-Jan-2014Long-term experimental investigation of timber composite beams in cyclic humidity conditionsHailu, M; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
30-Oct-2013Experimental investigations of material properties of timber utility poles using various material testing approachesElsener, R; Dackermann, U; Li, JC; Samali, B; Crews, K
12-Aug-2013Ultimate performance of timber connection with normal screwsZabihi, Z; Shrethta, R; Samali, B; Crews, K
12-Aug-2013Residual strength of timber-concrete composite beams after long-term testHailu, M; Gerber, C; Shrestha, R; Crews, K
12-Aug-2013Stressed cross-laminated-timber for bridge applicationsShearman, L; Gerber, C; Crews, K
12-Aug-2013Dynamic performance of timber flooring systemsRijal, R; Samali, B; Shrestha, R; Gerber, G; Crews, K
12-Aug-2013Review on long-term behaviour of timber-concrete composite floorsKhorsandnia, N; Valipour, HR; Shrestha, R; Gerber, C; Crews, K