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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-02-01Ch12: Nonconventional timber constructionCrews, KI; Harries, K; Sharma, B
2014Development of engineered bamboo using a low-tech methodShrestha, R; Crews, KI; Smith, ST
2014Introduction to cross laminated timber and development of design procedures for Australia and New ZealandShrestha, R; Lewis, K; Crews, KI; Smith, ST
2014Timber composite floor beams under 2 years lon-term loadHailu, M; Shrestha, R; Crews, KI; Smith, ST
2013-08-12The predictive model for strength of inclined screws as shear connection in timber-concrete composite floorMoshiri, F; Gerber, C; Valipour, HR; Shrestha, R; Crews, KI
2013-01Medium-rise structural timber apartment: Luxury or long-term carbon storage solution?Thomas, D; Ding, GK; Crews, KI; Hofler, K; Maydl, P; Passer, A
2012-01Supply chain management strategies for engineered-to-order timber structural systemsHolmes, MI; Crews, KI; Ding, GK; Kashiwagi, D; Sullivan, K
2012-01Multi-Storey Residential Timber Buildings in Australia: Where is the educationThomas, D; Ding, GK; Crews, KI; Kamatdeen, I; Newton, S; Lim, B; Loosemore, M
2012-01Sustainable timber use in the Australian housing market: Are consumers willing to pay the price?Thomas, D; Ding, GK; Crews, KI; Ural, O; Sahin, M; Ural, D
2011-12-01A system for bridge network condition assessment and predictionSamali, B; Crews, KI; Aboura, K; Ariyaratne, W; Manamperi, PB
2011-12-01Tension perpendicular to grain strength of wood, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL), and Cross-Banded LVL (LVL-C)Ardalany, M; Deam, B; Fragiacomo, M; Crews, KI
2011-10-25Development of high performance structural timver systems for non residential buildings in New Zealand and AustraliaCrews, KI; Buchanan, AH; Quenneville, P; Pampanin, S
2011-01State of the art on Timber Concrete Composite floorMoshiri, F; Gerber, C; Crews, KI; Joe Wyche
2011-01Damage Severity Assessment of Timber Bridges using Frequency Response Functions (FRFs) and Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs)Dackermann, U; Li, J; Samali, B; Choi, F; Crews, KI; Saporiti Machado, J; Palma, P; Lourenà o, PB
2011-01The influence building codes and fire regulations have on multi-storey timber construction in australiaHolmes, MI; Crews, KI; Ding, GK; Huovila Pekka
2011-01Capacity of Compression Members in RTA Timber Truss BridgesNicholas, A; Crews, KI; Ariyaratne, W; Ponnampalam, V; Ancich, E; Madrio, H
2010-01Development of Design Procedures for Timber Concrete Composite Floors in Australia and New Zealand - Part 2: Connection CharacterisationCrews, KI; Gerber, C; Shrestha, R; Technical Committee
2009-01The Use of Stochastic Processes in Bridge Maintenance OptimisationSamali, B; Crews, KI; Aboura, K; Li, J
2009-01The Use of Stochasatic Processes in Bridge Lifetime AssessmentAboura, K; Samali, B; Crews, KI; Li, J; Agbinya, JI; Biermann, E; Hamam, Y; Rocaries, F; Lal, SK
2008-01Experimental Verification of A Vibration-Based Damage Identification Method In A Timber Structure Utilising Neural Network EnsemblesDackermann, U; Li, J; Samali, B; Choi, F; Crews, KI; Binda, L; De Prisco, M; Felicetti, R