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2023-05-04Crown Resorts and the Im/moral Corporate FormCrofts, P; Bant, E
2022-12-18The Horror of Corporate HarmsCrofts, P
2022-12-12The beauty and horror of corporate personsCrofts, P
2022-12-08The corporate monster metaphorCrofts, P
2022-10-31The Townspeople of Derry in Stephen King's IT: Bystanders and responsibility for evilCrofts, P; May, W
2022-02-22Gosport Hospital, Euthanasia and Serial KillingCrofts, P; Carter, D; Fleming, D
2022-01-01A case study of state-corporate crime: Crown Resortsvan Rijswijk, H; Crofts, P
2021-09-01The 'good judge' in Australian popular television cultureCrofts, P; Lynch, A; Appleby, G
2021-04-30Technology: New trajectories in LawCrofts, P; van Rijswijk, H
2021-03-01The rhetoric and reality of criminal responsibilityCrofts, P
2021-03-01Aliens: Legal Conceptions of the Corporate InvasionCrofts, P
2021-01-11Three Recent Royal Commissions: The Failure to Prevent Harms and Attributions of Organisational LiabilityCrofts, P
2020-09-24Strategies of denial and the Australian Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services IndustryCrofts, P
2020Killing to Survive: The Walking Dead, Police Slayings and Medieval MaliceCrofts, P
2019-01-02Dehumanized and demonized refugees, zombies and world war ZCrofts, P; Vogl, A
2019-01-01How sex worker activism influenced the decriminalisation of sex work in NSW, AustraliaAroney, E; Crofts, P
2018-02-28What went wrong with money laundering law? by Peter AlldridgeCrofts, P
2018-01-02Introduction: Implicated legal subjectsVan Rijswijk, H; Crofts, P
2018-01-02Monsters and horror in the Australian royal commission into institutional responses to child sexual abuseCrofts, P
2018Teaching Skills for Future Legal ProfessionalsCrofts, P