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2023-03-01Place-based methodologies for design research: An ethnographic approachVanni Accarigi, I; Crosby, A
2023-03-01EdgeVanni, I; Crosby, A
2023-02-24Seed Balls as MethodVanni Accarigi, I; Crosby, A; Vodeb, O
2022-11-14Bell frogs, dugong bones and giant cauliflowers: water stories come to life at Green SquareVanni Accarigi, I; Crosby, A; Foster, S
2022-10-15Planty Design Activism: Alliances with SeedsCrosby, A; Vanni Accarigi, I
2022-10-10Walking Wolli CreekCrosby, A; Britton, C; Menzies-Pike, C
2022-10-05Rosemary in roundabouts, lemons over the fence: how to go urban foraging safely, respectfully and cleverlyCrosby, A; Vanni Accarigi, I
2022-03-22‘May you always taste the sweetest fruit’: uncovering the history and hidden delights of your neighbourhoodCrosby, A; Foster, S; Vanni Accarigi, I
2022-03-22Place-based methodologies in transdisciplinary researchCrosby, A; Vanni Accarigi, I
2022-03-11Place Based Civic Ecology Maps PORTFOLIOCrosby, A; Vanni Accarigi, I; Cutler, E
2022-03-01The Green Square Atlas of Civic EcologiesCrosby, A; Vanni Accarigi, I; Foster, S; Cutler, E
2021-09-01The Planty Map of Green Square Civic EcologiesCrosby, A; Vanni Accarigi, I; Cutler, E; Noorbergen, J
2021-02-01Public Submission to the Productivity Commission's Right to Repair InquiryStein, JA; Crosby, A
2020-10-10The Plantiness of BankstownVanni Accarigi, I; Crosby, A; Axelsen, H
2020-08-01The not-yet-tropical: mapping recombinant ecologies in a Sydney suburbVanni, I; Crosby, A
2020-05-11The Planty Atlas of UTSCrosby, A; Vanni, I
2020-01-01The Transdisciplinary Living Lab Model (TDLL)Fam, D; Lopes, AM; Ross, K; Crosby, A
2020The Transdisciplinary Living Lab Model (TDLL)Fam, D; Mellick Lopes, A; Ross, K; Crosby, A
2019-12-01Tobacco Control Is a Wicked Problem: Situating Design Responses in Yogyakarta and BanjarmasinCrosby, A; Dunn, JL; Aditjondro, E; Rachfiansyah
2019-10-02Remapping heritage and the garden suburb: Haberfield's civic ecologiesVanni Accarigi, I; Crosby, A