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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007-08-28Wireless community networks: Public assets for 21<sup>st</sup> century societyLawrence, E; Bina, M; Culjak, G; El-Kiki, T
2007-04-01More evidence-based internet self-help depression websites now availableCuljak, G; Nicholls, P; Leveaux, R; Kowalenko, N
2007-01The Phenomenology of Choice and its Effects on DepressionCuljak, G; Lawrence, EM
2007-01Hospital Information Systems: Two Case Studies in SydneyCuljak, G; Kalkvik, A; Lawrence, EM
2007-01Mobile Learning Systems for Digital NativesAl-Khamayseh, SA; Bachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Culjak, G; Uskov, V
2006-01-01Technology acceptance in a small start-up: An Australian caseCuljak, G; Sixsmith, A
2006-01Online Teaching of large Groups in Information Technology: a survey of strategiesBachfischer, A; Lawrence, EM; Culjak, G; Prior, JR; Isaias, P; McPherson, M; Bannister, F
2006-01Centralised Health Information Systems: overcoming the barriersCuljak, G; Kalkvik, A; Polyrakis, A
2006-01Internet improves health outcomes in depressionCuljak, G; Spranca, M; Sprague, RH
2006-01Can seminar and Computer-Based Training Improve the Effectiveness of Electronic Mail Communication wihtin the Workplace?Jackson, T; Culjak, G; Fitzgerald, E
2006-01The choice phenomenon in the digital age: is it making us more depressed?Culjak, G; Polyrakis, A
2006-01Diffusion of Innovation Theory in Medical Technology ApplicationsCuljak, G; Soliman, E
2006-01Self-help treatments for depression: do they work?Culjak, G; Polyrakis, A
2006-01Evaluating the quality of depression websitesSpranca, M; Culjak, G; Polyrakis, A
2006-01Legal and technical issues management framework for peer to peer networksLawrence, EM; Lawrence, J; Culjak, G
2006Exploring the benefits of using motes to monitor health: an acceptance surveyLubrin, E; Lawrence, E; Bachfischer, A; Felix Navarro, K; Culjak, G; Dini, P
2005-12-01An examination of the growth of Internet self help sites for depression and related problemsCuljak, G; Nicholls, P; Leveaux, R; Kowalenko, N
2005-01-01Stages of growth theory revisited: Senior management on information systems and technologySixsmith, A; Culjak, G
2005-01Wireless and wearable overview: Stages of growth theory in medical technology applicationsOoi, P; Culjak, G; Lawrence, EM; Brookes, W; Lawrence, E; Steele, R; Chang, E
2004-01Cyber Self-help: Does it work? A review of the current status for depression and related problemsCuljak, G; Khosrow-Pour, M