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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-01-01Uncovering engagement networks for adaptation in three regional communities: Empirical examples from New South Wales, AustraliaCunningham, R; Jacobs, B; Measham, TG
2020-09-01Deep Dive Evaluation of Inclusive Economic Growth in IndonesiaWinterford, K; Gero, A; Megaw, T; Fee, A; Cunningham, R
2020-06-15Mapping Climate Services Capabilities in AustraliaCunningham, R
2019-07-08A Survey of Australian Farms to Assess Water Risk and ResilienceKelly, S; Cunningham, R; Plant, R
2019-06Industrial Transformation in response to climate change: NSW Alpine Tourism SectorSharpe, S; Delaney, C; Cunningham, R
2019-03-26Changes in social connection in a government research networkCunningham, R; Goggin, L
2019-02-28Water Scarcity Risk For Australian Farms & The Implications for the Financial SectorKelly, S; Plant, R; Cunningham, R; Maras, K
2019Industrial Transformation in response to climate change | NSW Viticulture SectorSharpe, S; Cunningham, R; Delaney, C
2019Forced innovation: Business preparedness and recovery after extreme weather eventsSharpe, S; Delaney, C; Cunningham, R
2018-04-01Networks Shaping Climate Adaptation Policy and GovernanceCunningham, R; Jacobs, B; Cvitanovic, C; Measham, T; Brown, P
2018-03-05Improving climate adaptation communication and decision-making between government and communitiesMukheibir, P; Boronyak, L; Cunningham, R
2018-01-01Understanding key elements in establishing a social license for CCS: An empirical approachGough, C; Cunningham, R; Mander, S
2017-09-11Measuring Urban Green Space in AustraliaPlant, RA; Cunningham, R; Berry, F; Madden, B; Hageer, Y; Huete, A
2017-08-08Social network analysis: a primer on engaging communities on climate adaptation in New South Wales, AustraliaCunningham, R; Jacobs, B; Measham,, T; Harman, MP; Cvitanovic,, C
2017-05-01Using Social Network Analysis to Monitor and Assess the Effectiveness of Knowledge Brokers at Connecting Scientists and Decision-Makers: An Australian case studyCvitanovic, C; Cunningham, R; Dowd, AM; Howden, SM; van Putten, EI
2017-01-01Comparing Online and Offline Knowledge Networks of Carbon Capture and StorageMander, S; Cunningham, R; Lever, L; Gough, C
2017-01-01Societal Responses to CO<inf>2</inf> Storage in the UK: Media, Stakeholder and Public PerspectivesGough, C; Cunningham, R; Mander, S
2016-10-02Engaging communities in climate adaptation: the potential of social networksCunningham, R; Cvitanovic, C; Measham, T; Jacobs, B; Dowd, AM; Harman, B
2016-08-15Engaging local communities in climate adaptation: a social network perspective from Orange Valley, New South Wales, AustraliaHarman, BP; Rylance, K; Brown, PR; Cunningham, R; Jacobs, B; Measham, T
2016-01-01Linking adaptation science to action to build food secure Pacific Island communitiesCvitanovic, C; Crimp, S; Fleming, A; Bell, J; Howden, M; Hobday, AJ; Taylor, M; Cunningham, R