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2020-03-01Oxygen use in chronic heart failure to relieve breathlessness: A systematic reviewAsano, R; Mathai, SC; Macdonald, PS; Newton, PJ; Currow, DC; Phillips, J; Yeung, WF; Davidson, PM
2020-03-01Intention-to-Treat Analyses for Randomized Controlled Trials in Hospice/Palliative Care: The Case for Analyses to be of People Exposed to the InterventionKochovska, S; Huang, C; Johnson, MJ; Agar, MR; Fallon, MT; Kaasa, S; Hussain, JA; Portenoy, RK; Higginson, IJ; Currow, DC
2020-03-01Controlled-Release Oxycodone vs. Placebo in the Treatment of Chronic Breathlessness—A Multisite Randomized Placebo Controlled TrialFerreira, DH; Louw, S; McCloud, P; Fazekas, B; McDonald, CF; Agar, MR; Clark, K; McCaffrey, N; Ekström, M; Currow, DC
2020-01-03Pharmacovigilance in Hospice/Palliative Care: De-Prescribing Combination Controlled Release Oxycodone-NaloxoneClark, K; Byrne, PG; Hunt, J; Brown, L; Rowett, D; Watts, G; Lovell, M; Currow, DC
2019-12-01Prevalence and severity of sleep difficulty in patients with a CNS cancer receiving palliative care in AustraliaJeon, MS; Dhillon, HM; Descallar, J; Lam, L; Allingham, S; Koh, ES; Currow, DC; Agar, MR
2019-12-01Oral modified release morphine for breathlessness in chronic heart failure: a randomized placebo-controlled trialJohnson, MJ; Cockayne, S; Currow, DC; Bell, K; Hicks, K; Fairhurst, C; Gabe, R; Torgerson, D; Jefferson, L; Oxberry, S; Ghosh, J; Hogg, KJ; Murphy, J; Allgar, V; Cleland, JGF; Clark, AL
2019-12-01Use of time in people with a life-limiting illness: A longitudinal cohort feasibility pilot studyJones, TA; Olds, TS; Currow, DC; Williams, MT
2019-12-01‘Through the eyes of the dying’—Identifying who may benefit from bereavement follow-up: A qualitative studyPhillips, JL; Lobb, EA; Bellemore, F; Hays, T; Currow, DC
2019-12-01Cough in lung cancer: A survey of current practice among Australian health professionalsLuckett, T; Phillips, J; Currow, DC; Agar, M; Molassiotis, A
2019-11-01Progress in cancer survival, mortality, and incidence in seven high-income countries 1995–2014 (ICBP SURVMARK-2): a population-based studyArnold, M; Rutherford, MJ; Bardot, A; Ferlay, J; Andersson, TML; Myklebust, TÅ; Tervonen, H; Thursfield, V; Ransom, D; Shack, L; Woods, RR; Turner, D; Leonfellner, S; Ryan, S; Saint-Jacques, N; De, P; McClure, C; Ramanakumar, AV; Stuart-Panko, H; Engholm, G; Walsh, PM; Jackson, C; Vernon, S; Morgan, E; Gavin, A; Morrison, DS; Huws, DW; Porter, G; Butler, J; Bryant, H; Currow, DC; Hiom, S; Parkin, DM; Sasieni, P; Lambert, PC; Møller, B; Soerjomataram, I; Bray, F
2019-11-01A Randomized, Double-Blind, Multisite, Pilot, Placebo-Controlled Trial of Regular, Low-Dose Morphine on Outcomes of Pulmonary Rehabilitation in COPDKochovska, S; Fazekas, B; Hensley, M; Wheatley, J; Allcroft, P; Currow, DC
2019-11-01Death Took a Vacation.. And It's Almost overCurrow, DC; Soyiri, IN
2019-10-01What is multidisciplinary cancer care like in practice? a protocol for a mixed-method study to characterise ambulatory oncology services in the Australian public sectorNic Giolla Easpaig, B; Arnolda, G; Tran, Y; Bierbaum, M; Lamprell, K; Delaney, GP; Liauw, W; Chittajallu, R; Winata, T; Ward, RL; Currow, DC; Olver, I; Karnon, J; Westbrook, J; Braithwaite, J
2019-10Isolating peripheral effects of endogenous opioids in modulating exertional breathlessness in people with moderate or severe COPD: a randomised controlled trial.Currow, DC; Hunt, T; Louw, S; Eckert, D; Allcroft, P; To, THM; Greene, A; Krajnik, M; Mahler, D; Ekström, M
2019-09-01Risk of emergency hospitalisation and survival outcomes following adjuvant chemotherapy for early breast cancer in New South Wales, AustraliaTervonen, HE; Chen, TYT; Lin, E; Boyle, FM; Moylan, EJ; Della-Fiorentina, SA; Beith, J; Johnston, A; Currow, DC
2019-09-01Older Patients' Perspectives of Online Health Approaches in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary DiseaseDisler, RT; Inglis, SC; Newton, P; Currow, DC; MacDonald, PS; Glanville, AR; Donesky, D; Carrieri-Kohlman, V; Davidson, PM
2019-09-01Harms From Haloperidol for Symptom Management in Palliative Care—a Post Hoc Pooled Analysis of Three Randomized Controlled Studies and Two Consecutive Cohort StudiesMatsuoka, H; Agar, M; Vandersman, Z; Good, P; Fazekas, B; Brown, L; Hardy, J; Weil, J; Currow, DC
2019-08-13The Association between Glycemic Control in People with Diabetes and Symptoms at the End of Life: A Prospective Observational Consecutive Cohort StudyKleinig, PA; Woodman, RJ; Currow, DC
2019-07-01Clustering of 27,525,663 Death Records from the United States Based on Health Conditions Associated with Death: An Example of Big Health Data ExplorationJanssen, DJA; Rechberger, S; Wouters, EFM; Schols, JMGA; Johnson, MJ; Currow, DC; Curtis, JR; Spruit, MA
2019-07-01How Can Activity Monitors Be Used in Palliative Care Patients?To, THM; Currow, DC; Swetenham, K; Morgan, DD; Tieman, J