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10-Aug-2018Feasibility Study on Using Electrical Home Appliances for Distributed Reactive Power SupportGautam, S; Dah-Chuan Lu, D; Xiao, W; Lu, Y
14-Dec-2017Feasibility study on using pipe type cables and CoAxial cables for HFAC power distribution in data centre applicationsFernando, WA; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
14-Dec-2017A bidirectional flyback converter with cross-coupled non-dissipative snubber circuitsMukhtar, NM; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
14-Dec-2017A flyback converter based partial power processing structure for BESS with voltage/current regulation and battery balancing functionalitiesQi, J; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
30-Jan-2017A multi-functional modular approach to developing microgrid systemsShi, X; Zhu, J; Dah-Chuan Lu, D; Li, L
30-Jan-2017Advanced multi-functional model predictive control for three-phase AC/DC convertersShi, X; Zhu, J; Dah-Chuan Lu, D; Li, L
1-Jan-2016Performance investigation of selected prediction vectors based FS-PTC for 3L-NPC inverter fed motor driveHabibullah, M; Dah-Chuan Lu, D; Xiao, D; Rahman, MF
1-Jan-2016A control scheme combining state-of-charge balancing and voltage/current regulation for a distributed battery system based on fly-back converterQi, J; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
10-Nov-2015Analysis of a shunt maximum power point tracker for PV-battery systemLu, Y; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
14-Aug-2015A computationally efficient FS-PTC for im with minimum voltage vectorsHabibullah, M; Dah-Chuan Lu, D; Xiao, D; Rahman, MF
14-Aug-2015A simple open-circuit fault detection method for a fault-tolerant DC/DC converterSoon, JL; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
14-Aug-2015Power loss analysis of a single-switch non-isolated DC/DC converterAn, L; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
1-Jan-2015Design of a non-isolated single-switch three-port DC-DC converter for standalone PV-battery power systemZhao, J; Iu, HHC; Fernando, T; An, L; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
1-Jan-2014An efficient single-switch quasi-active PFC converter with continuous input current and low DC-bus voltage stressAthab, HS; Dah-Chuan Lu, D; Yazdani, A; Wu, B
1-Jan-2014Single-phase single-stage ZCS boost PFC rectifier with reduced switch countMuhammad, KS; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
1-Jan-2014Two-transistor step-down DC/DC converters with fault-tolerant capabilityDah-Chuan Lu, D; Soon, JL; Verstraete, D
1-Jan-2014Encoderless FS-PTC for induction motor with extended Kalman filterHabibullah, M; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
1-Jan-2014Stator resistance tuning for PTC based induction motor drive at very low speedHabibullah, M; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
1-Jan-2014Control of a single-switch two-input buck converter for MPPT of two PV stringsUrtasun, A; Dah-Chuan Lu, D
1-Jan-2014Review of battery cell balancing techniquesQi, J; Dah-Chuan Lu, D