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2022-05-31Development of PARcific Approach: Participatory Action Research Methodology for Collectivist Health Research.Rumsey, M; Stowers, P; Sam, H; Neill, A; Rodrigues, N; Brooks, F; Daly, J
2021-10-19An implementation intervention to increase the routine provision of antenatal care addressing gestational weight gain: study protocol for a stepped-wedge cluster trial.Kingsland, M; Hollis, J; Farragher, E; Wolfenden, L; Campbell, K; Pennell, C; Reeves, P; Tully, B; Daly, J; Attia, J; Oldmeadow, C; Hunter, M; Murray, H; Paolucci, F; Foureur, M; Rissel, C; Gillham, K; Wiggers, J
2021-08-20New Generation – Vorausschauend qualifizierenHaupt, A; Wendelstein,, B; Daly, J; Jackson, D; Bosch,, A; Wangler, S; Wolf, C; Simon, A
2021-02-04SARS Coronavirus-2 Microneutralisation and Commercial Serological Assays Correlated Closely for Some but Not All Enzyme ImmunoassaysWalker, GJ; Naing, Z; Stella, AO; Yeang, M; Caguicla, J; Ramachandran, V; Isaacs, SR; Agapiou, D; Bull, RA; Stelzer-Braid, S; Daly, J; Gosbell, IB; Hoad, VC; Irving, DO; Pink, JM; Turville, S; Kelleher, AD; Rawlinson, WD
2021-01-08Assessing coral sperm motility.Zuchowicz, N; Daly, J; Bouwmeester, J; Lager, C; Henley, EM; Nuñez Lendo, CI; Hagedorn, M
2020-10Moral outrage in COVID19-Understandable but not a strategy.Davidson, PM; Padula, WV; Daly, J; Jackson, D
2020-05-19Vulnerability of nurse and physicians with COVID-19: Monitoring and surveillance needed.Jackson, D; Anders, R; Padula, WV; Daly, J; Davidson, PM
2020-04-20Who speaks for nursing? COVID-19 highlighting gaps in leadership.Daly, J; Jackson, D; Anders, R; Davidson, PM
2019-09-03Learning to liaise: using medication administration role-play to develop teamwork in undergraduate nursesHayes, C; Power, T; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Jackson, D
2019-07-01Corrigendum to “Nurse interrupted: Development of a realistic medication administration simulation for undergraduate nurses” [Nurse Educ. Today 35 (99), September 2015, 981–986] (Nurse interrupted: Development of a realistic medication administration simulation for undergraduate nurses (2015) 35(9) (981–986), (S0260691715002725), (10.1016/j.nedt.2015.07.002))Hayes, C; Power, T; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Jackson, D
2018-10-24Successful cryopreservation of coral larvae using vitrification and laser warming.Daly, J; Zuchowicz, N; Nuñez Lendo, CI; Khosla, K; Lager, C; Henley, EM; Bischof, J; Kleinhans, FW; Lin, C; Peters, EC; Hagedorn, M
2018-02-01Factors influencing progress through the liminal phase: A model to assist transition into nurse academic lifeMcDermid, F; Mannix, J; Jackson, D; Daly, J; Peters, K
2018-01-01Pondering practice: Enhancing the art of reflectionHayes, C; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Power, T
2017-12-01Calm to chaos: Engaging undergraduate nursing students with the complex nature of interruptions during medication administrationHayes, C; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Power, T
2016-12-30Chapter 4 A Qualitative Examination of the Health Workforce Needs During Climate Change Disaster Response in Pacific Island CountriesRumsey, M; Fletcher, SM; Thiessen, J; Gero, A; Kuruppu, N; Daly, J; Buchan, J; Willetts, J
2016-05-01Problematizing the practice of policyTravaglia, J; Robertson, H; Davidson, PM; Daly, J
2016-03-01Insights on leadership from early career nurse academics: Findings from a mixed methods studyHalcomb, E; Jackson, D; Daly, J; Gray, J; Salamonson, Y; Andrew, S; Peters, K
2016-03-01Developing resilience: Stories from novice nurse academicsMcDermid, F; Peters, K; Daly, J; Jackson, D
2016-02-01The consequences of English language testing for international health professionals and students: An Australian case studyRumsey, M; Thiessen, J; Buchan, J; Daly, J
2015-10-01Building Nursing Leadership Capacity: An Australian SnapshotDaly, J; Jackson, D; Rumsey, M; Patterson, K; Davidson, PM