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Feb-2018Factors influencing progress through the liminal phase: A model to assist transition into nurse academic life.McDermid, F; Mannix, J; Jackson, D; Daly, J; Peters, K
2018Pondering practice: Enhancing the art of reflectionHayes, CJ; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Power, T
26-Apr-2017Calm to chaos: Engaging undergraduate nursing students with the complex nature of interruptions during medication administration.Hayes, C; Jackson, D; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Power, T
May-2016Problematizing the practice of policy.Travaglia, J; Robertson, H; Davidson, PM; Daly, J
Feb-2016The consequences of English language testing for international health professionals and students: An Australian case study.Rumsey, M; Thiessen, J; Buchan, J; Daly, J
Jul-2015Nurse interrupted: Development of a realistic medication administration simulation for undergraduate nurses.Hayes, C; Power, T; Davidson, PM; Daly, J; Jackson, D
May-2015Quality of nursing doctoral education in seven countries: survey of faculty and students/graduates.Kim, MJ; Park, CG; McKenna, H; Ketefian, S; Park, SH; Klopper, H; Lee, H; Kunaviktikul, W; Gregg, MF; Daly, J; Coetzee, S; Juntasopeepun, P; Murashima, S; Keeney, S; Khan, S
Apr-2015A repertoire of leadership attributes: an international study of deans of nursing.Wilkes, L; Cross, W; Jackson, D; Daly, J
Jan-2015Indigenous Leadership in Nursing: Speaking life into each other's spiritPower, TJ; Sherwood, J; Geia, LK; West, R; Daly, J; Speedy, S; Jackson, D
2015Leadership in health informatics: A pathway to twenty-first century patient careBichel-Findlay, J; Doran, C; Daly, J; Speedy, S; Jackson, D
2015Disasters and climate change in the Pacific: Adaptive capacity of humanitarian response organisationsGero, A; Fletcher, SM; Rumsey, M; Thiessen, J; Kuruppu, N; Buchan, J; Daly, J; Willetts, JR
Nov-2014The importance of clinical leadership in the hospital settingDaly, J; Jackson, D; Mannix, J; Davidson, P; Hutchinson, M
Apr-2014Aggregating case reports: a way for the future of evidence-based health care?Jackson, D; Daly, J; Saltman, DC
6-Jan-2014Rating and Ranking the Role of Bibliometrics and Webometrics in Nursing and MidwiferyDavidson, PM; Newton, PJ; Ferguson, C; Daly, J; Elliott, D; Homer, CS; Duffield, CM; Jackson, DE
Jan-2014Becoming a nurse leaderDavidson, PM; Sindhu, S; Daly, J; Speedy, S; Jackson, D
Jan-2014A qualitative examination of the health workforce needs during climate change disaster response in Pacific Island CountriesRumsey, M; Fletcher, SM; Thiessen, J; Gero, A; Kuruppu, N; Daly, J; Buchan, J; Willetts, JR
2014Nursing and informatics: a transformational synergyBichel-Findlay, J; Doran, C; Daly, J; Speedy, S; Jackson, D
Jan-2013Understanding the Pacific's adaptive capacity to emergencies in the context of climate change: Country Report - SamoaFletcher, SM; Gero, A; Thiessen, J; Willetts, JR; Rumsey, M; Daly, J; Buchan, J; Kuruppu, N
Jan-2013Dealing with peer-review: What is reasonable and what is not?Cleary, M; Walter, G; Jackson, DE; Daly, J
Jan-2013'I thought I was just going to teach': Stories of new nurse academics on transitioning from sessional teaching to continuing academic positionsMcDermid, F; Peters, K; Daly, J; Jackson, DE