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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2025-01-01Dynamic Capabilities for Nimbleness and Resilience in a Continuous Digital Transformation: Action Design Research in a Financial Services OrganisationFaro, B; Abedin, B; Cetindamar Kozanoglu, D; Daneshgar, F
2019-05-04A generic cloud migration process modelFahmideh, M; Daneshgar, F; Rabhi, F; Beydoun, G
2019A generic cloud migration process model.Fahmideh, M; Daneshgar, F; Rabhi, FA; Beydoun, G
2017-07-01Challenges in migrating legacy software systems to the cloud — an empirical studyGholami, MF; Daneshgar, F; Beydoun, G; Rabhi, F
2016-10-01Cloud migration process—A survey, evaluation framework, and open challengesGholami, MF; Daneshgar, F; Low, G; Beydoun, G
2016-06-01An awareness-based meta-mechanism for e-commerce buyer coalitionsBoongasame, L; Daneshgar, F
2014-01-01Pattern of non-task interactions in asynchronous computer-supported collaborative learning coursesAbedin, B; Daneshgar, F; D'Ambra, J
2013-12-01Investigating the impact of facebook use on cancer survivors' psychological well-beingErfani, SS; Abedin, B; Daneshgar, F
2013-01-01A qualitative evaluation of communication in Ovarian Cancer Facebook communitiesErfani, SS; Abedin, B; Daneshgar, F
2012-10-01Identifying knowledge transfer requirement in global organisational contextsWorasinchai, L; Daneshgar, F
2012-05-01Do nontask interactions matter? the relationship between nontask sociability of computer supported collaborative learning and learning outcomesAbedin, B; Daneshgar, F; D'Ambra, J
2012-04-26Forming buyer coalition scheme with connection of a coalition leaderBoongasame, L; Temdee, P; Daneshgar, F
2012-02-08The impact of process effectiveness on user interest in contributing to the open source software projectsGhapanchi, AH; Aurum, A; Daneshgar, F
2012-01-01An integrated customer knowledge management framework for academic librariesDaneshgar, F; Parirokh, M
2011-12-01Enhancing non-task sociability of asynchronous CSCL environmentsAbedin, B; Daneshgar, F; D'Ambra, J
2010-01Underlying Factors of Sense of Community in Asynchronous Computer Supported Collaborative Learning EnvironmentsAbedin, B; Daneshgar, F; D'Ambra, J
2009-01-01A research theme for investigating the effectiveness of collaborative e-learning in higher educationDaneshgar, F; Van Toorn, C; Abedin, B
2008-01Operationalizing Off-task Sociability of Asynchronous Computer Supported Collaborative LearningAbedin, B; Daneshgar, F