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2022-05-01Chloride Induced Corrosion of Steel Reinforcement in Alkali Activated Concretes: A Critical ReviewVu, TH; Dang, LC; Kang, G; Sirivivatnanon, V
2022-01-01A Practical Application Using Industrial Waste for Enhancing the Mechanical Properties of Expansive SoilDang, LC; Khabbaz, H
2022-01-01Predicting the Stability of Riverbank Slope Reinforced with Columns Under Various River Water ConditionsDang, CC; Dang, LC; Khabbaz, H; Tutumluer, E; Nazarian, S; AlQadi, I; Qamhia, IIA
2021-11-01Improving engineering characteristics of expansive soils using industry waste as a sustainable application for reuse of bagasse ashDang, LC; Khabbaz, H; Ni, BJ
2021-01-01Numerical study on deformation characteristics of fibre-reinforced load-transfer platformand columns-supported embankmentsDang, CC; Dang, LC; Khabbaz, H; Sheng, D
2020-01-01Influence of Fibre-Reinforced Load Transfer Platform Supported Embankment on Floating Columns Improved Soft SoilsDang, CC; Dang, LC
2020Evaluation of the At-Rest Lateral Earth Pressure Coefficient of Fibre Reinforced Load Transfer Platform and Columns Supported EmbankmentsDang, CC; Dang, LC
2020Numerical Investigation on the Stability of Soil-Cement Columns Reinforced RiverbankDang, CC; Dang, LC
2019-01-04Modelling of columns and fibre reinforced load transfer platform supported embankmentsDang, LC; Dang, CC; Khabbaz, H
2019-01-01Strength characteristics of lime and bottom ash reinforced expansive soilsLe, TM; Dang, LC; Khabbaz, H
2019-01-01Shear strength behaviour of bagasse fibre reinforced expansive soilDang, LC; Khabbaz, H
2019Combined Effects of Bottom Ash and Lime on Behaviour of Expansive SoilLe, TM; Dang, LC; Khabbaz, H; McCartney, JS; Hoyos, LR
2019Experimental Investigation on the Compaction and Compressible Properties of Expansive Soil Reinforced with Bagasse Fibre and LimeDang, LC; Khabbaz, MH
2018-09-23Assessment of the geotechnical and microstructural characteristics of lime stabilised expansive soil with bagasse ashDang, LC; Khabbaz, MH
2018-01-01Enhancing the strength characteristics of expansive soil using bagasse fibreDang, LC; Khabbaz, H
2018-01-01Evaluation of Swelling Behaviour and Soil Water Characteristic Curve of Bagasse Fibre and Lime Stabilised Expansive SoilDang, LC; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
2018Numerical Analysis on the Performance of Fibre Reinforced Load Transfer Platform and Deep Mixing Columns Supported EmbankmentsDang, LC; Dang, CC; Khabbaz, H; Bouassida, M; Meguid, MA
2017-10-19Behaviour of Columns and Fibre Reinforced Load Transfer Platform Supported Embankments Built on Soft SoilDang, LC; Dang, CC; Khabbaz, MH
2017-01-01An experimental study on engineering behaviour of lime and bagasse fibre reinforced expansive soilsDang, LC; Khabbaz, H; Fatahi, B
2016-01-01Behaviour of Expansive Soils Stabilized with Hydrated Lime and Bagasse FibresDang, LC; Fatahi, B; Khabbaz, H