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2024-03Intellectual disability and care during travelGillovic, B; McIntosh, A; Cockburn-Wootten, C; Darcy, S
2024-01Inclusive Practice and Comparative Social Impact of Disability Arts: A Qualitative and Abductive ApproachGrabowski, S; Darcy, S; Maxwell, H; Onyx, J
2024Craving inclusion: a systematic review on the experiences and needs of people with disability eating out.Hemsley, B; Almond, B; Given, F; Darcy, S; L'Espoir Decosta, P; Dann, S; Carnemolla, P; Freeman-Sanderson, A; Debono, D; Balandin, S
2023-12-03New UTS research “lifts the lid” on how wheelchair users access public bathroomsCarnemolla, P; Darcy, S; Almond, B; Madon, F; Relf, M
2023-10-31Flying into Uncertainty: Part 2 - Flying with Non-Mobility DisabilitiesSmall, J; McIntosh, A; Almond, B; Darcy, S
2023-10-07Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) in New South Wales: Analysis of the National Disability Insurance Agency SDA-Enrolled Dwelling DatasetCarnemolla, P; Gill-Finnegan, T; Herath, S; Ghosh, S; Taylor, M; Callaway, L; Robinson, S; Darcy, S; Wiesel, I; Council for Intellectual Disability
2023-06-28Re-imagining the research article: Participation, dialogue and the radical potential of an ‘ecology of knowledges’Malone, M; Onyx, J; Darcy, S; Ashton, P
2023-04-07Editorial: Tourism 2030 and the contribution to the sustainable development goals: the tourism review viewpointBuhalis, D; Leung, XY; Fan, D; Darcy, S; Chen, G; Xu, F; Wei-Han Tan, G; Nunkoo, R; Farmaki, A
2023-01-01Extracurricular activities, graduate attributes and serious leisure: competitive sport versus social-cultural clubs in campus lifeFoley, C; Darcy, S; Hergesell, A; Almond, B; McDonald, M; Nguyen, LT; Morgan-Brett, E
2023-01-01COVID-19 and Disability Sport: Imagining Disability Accessible and Inclusive Sport Management FuturesKitchin, PJ; Hammond, AM; Bundon, A; Howe, PD; Darcy, S
2023-01-01Where are the Indigenous and First Nations people in sport event volunteering? Can you be what you can’t see?Dickson, TJ; Sharpe, S; Darcy, S
2023-01-01Entrepreneurs with disability: Australian insights through a social ecology lensDarcy, S; Collins, J; Stronach, M
2022-12-01An accessible and inclusive public transportation management response to COVID-19 through a co-creation process with people with disability. The case of Metro BarcelonaChiscano, MC; Darcy, S
2022-12-01Climate Change, Time and Tourism Knowledge: The Relativity of SimultaneitySchweinsberg, S; Darcy, S
2022-11-30Addressing Structural and Cultural Workforce Issues in the Visitor and Hospitality Economies - Submission to Employment White Paper consultationDarcy, S
2022-10-31Flying into Uncertainty: Part 1 - Flying with Mobility DisabilityDarcy, S; Small, J; Almond, B
2022-10-29Are we talking the same language? Contestable discourses between university staff accommodating students with disabilityYerbury, H; Darcy, S; Burridge, N; Almond, B
2022-10-28Creating My Own Job: Australian Experiences of People with Disability with microenterprises, self-employment and entrepreneurshipDarcy, S; Collins, J; Stronach, M; Yousafzai, S; Coogan, T; Sheikh, S; Ng, W
2022-08-01Competitive positioning of tourism academic knowledgeSchweinsberg, S; Sharpley, R; Darcy, S
2022-05-10Examining the Content and Outcomes of Training in Dysphagia and Mealtime Management: A Systematic Review Informing Co-Design of New Training.Reddacliff, C; Hemsley, B; Smith, R; Dalton, S; Jones, S; Fitzpatrick, A; Given, F; Kelly, J; Lawson, X; Darcy, S; Debono, D; Benfer, K; Balandin, S