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2017-02-02Case study: Sydney’s 'Cultural Ribbon' (Australia)Darcy, SA; Almond, B; Aragall, F; Neumann, P; Sagramola, S
2017-02-02Case study: Sydney’s 'Cultural Ribbon' (Australia)Darcy, SA; Almond, B; Aragall, F; Neumann, P; Sagramola, S
2016-12-21No other recourse but to sue? The implications of Alex McKinnon’s lawsuit against the NRLDarcy, SA; Jonson, P
2016-09-19‘Grotesque spectacle’? Rio has a long way to go to become more accessibleDickson, TJ; Knijnik, J; Darcy, SA
2016-09-07A brief history of the Paralympic Games: from post-WWII rehabilitation to mega sport eventDarcy, SA; Legg, D
2016-02-01Paralympic Legacy - learning from the Sydney 2000 to prepare for Tokyo 2020Darcy, SA
2016Symposium: Determinants of Paralympic SuccessDarcy, SA; Legg, D
2015-07-31Stop, go back, the NDIS board shake-up is going the wrong wayDarcy, SA
2015-01-01Adventure recreation programming and tourism opportunities: Bringing together consumer demands and supplier understandings for people with disabilitiesPatterson, I; Darcy, SA; Pegg, S; Black, R; Bricker, K
2014-03-20Research Methods in Sport Studies and Sport Management: A Practical GuideVeal, AJ; Darcy, SA
2013-01Australia and Spain as accessible tourism destinationsDarcy, SA; Dominguez Vila, T; Jutila, S; Ilola, H
2013-01Managing Olympic VenuesDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL; Frawley, S; Adair, D
2013-01Sydney for AllDarcy, SA; Cooper, I
2012-01Exploring the development of team identification: the contribution of social identity and the psychological continuum modelLock, D; Taylor, TL; Funk, D; Darcy, SA
2012-01Meso level Social Impact: Meaningful Indicators of Community ContributionEdwards, M; Onyx, J; Maxwell, H; Darcy, SA
2011-01The Janus face of diversity in Australian sportTaylor, TL; Lock, DJ; Darcy, SA; Toohey, K; Taylor, T
2011-01Developing a Business Case for Accessible TourismDarcy, SA; Cameron, B; Pegg, S; Buhalis, D; Darcy, S
2011-01Getting Involved in Sport: The Participation and non-participation of people with disability in sport and active recreationDarcy, SA; Taylor, TL; Murphy, AJ; Lock, D
2011-01Inclusiveness of the `Othered' in TourismWearing, SL; Darcy, SA
2011-01Sydney 2000: Moving from Post-Hoc Legacy to Strategic Vision and Operational PartnershipsDarcy, SA; Appleby, L; Legg, D; Gilbert, K