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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016-08-01CFD Modelling and Analysis of Different Designs Plate Heat ExchangersAl-Zubaydi, AYT; Hong, G; Dartnall, WJ
2014Design and Modelling of Water Chilling Production System by the Combined Effects of Evaporation and Night Sky RadiationAl-Zubaydi, AYT; Dartnall, WJ
2013-01-01A new way to present the important but difficult topic of statistical mechanics to engineersDartnall, WJ; Reizes, JA
2012-12-01A new approach to understanding engineering thermodynamics from its molecular basisDartnall, WJ; Reizes, JA
2012-01A Framework for Enhancing Outside-the-box Thinking in Engineering Design, Demonstrated on a Case StudyRoser, HM; Dartnall, WJ; n/a
2010-12-01Developing innovative teaching materials that use molecular simulations in engineering thermodynamicsDartnall, WJ; Reizes, J
2010-01Rigorous Design Process for a Groundwater Pump for Low-Yield Water Wells: A Case StudyAnderson, P; Wonson, J; Dartnall, WJ; Committee, CTP
2009-09-17Demystifying thermodynamics by connecting it with mechanicsDartnall, WJ; Reizes, J; Anstis, G
2007-01-01Thermodynamics from a few dynamic particles raises questions as to how temperature and entropy should be perceived and definedDartnall, WJ; Reizes, J
2007-01-01Managing new technologies in conceptual engineering design, demonstrated on innovative positive displacement deviceRoser, HM; Dartnall, WJ
2005-12-01Life cycle product design (at "factor 10" level): A study involving innovative mechanical design of a remote area ground water pumping systemDartnall, WJ; Johnston, S
2005-01A Novel Approach to the Teaching of Thermodynamic Cycles and the Laws of ThermodynamicsDartnall, WJ; Reizes, J; Engineers, ASOM
2004-01Pre-evaporated Stratified InjectionTyree, C; Roser, HM; Dartnall, WJ; n/a
2004-01Trend-Morph-PDS, A methodology for innovative (mechanical) engineering designDartnall, WJ; Johnston, SF; n/a
2003Innovative mechanical design with a case study of pumping systems for low yield tube wellsDartnall, WJ