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2023-09Association of continuity of carer and women's experiences of maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional survey.Cummins, A; Sheehy, A; Taylor, J; DeVitry-Smith, S; Nightingale, H; Davis, D
2022-12What are the long-term holistic health consequences of COVID-19 among survivors? An umbrella systematic review.Paterson, C; Davis, D; Roche, M; Bissett, B; Roberts, C; Turner, M; Baldock, E; Mitchell, I
2022-09O93 Association of continuity of carer and women’s experiences of maternity care during the COVID-19 pandemic: A cross-sectional surveyCummins, A; Sheehy, A; Taylor, J; Smith, SD-V; Nightingale, H; Davis, D
2022-04-08Factors influencing Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women's breastfeeding practice: A scoping narrative review.Zheng, CX; Atchan, M; Hartz, D; Davis, D; Kurz, E
2020-05-30Choosing vaginal birth after caesarean section: Motivating factors.Davis, D; S Homer, C; Clack, D; Turkmani, S; Foureur, M
2020-03Editorial: Words matter; language matters.Homer, C; Wilson, A; Davis, D
2019-12-01‘I'm having a baby not a labour’: Sense of coherence and women's attitudes towards labour and birthFerguson, S; Davis, D
2019-12-01What's wrong with using the F word? A systematic integrative review of how the fetus is talked about in situations of fetal demise or high risk of fetal lossAnolak, H; Thornton, C; Davis, D
2019-12-01A salutary childbirth education program: Health promoting by design. A discussion paperDavis, D; Ferguson, S; Nissen, J; Fowler, C; Mosslar, S
2019-02-01Making the hidden seen: A narrative analysis of the experiences of Assumption of Care at birthMarsh, CA; Browne, J; Taylor, J; Davis, D
2019-01-01‘I felt like I could do anything!’ Writing the phenomenon of ‘transcendent birth’ through autoethnographyKurz, E; Davis, D; Browne, J
2019-01-01Midwifery is a vital solution—What is holding back global progress?Renfrew, MJ; Ateva, E; Dennis-Antwi, JA; Davis, D; Dixon, L; Johnson, P; Kennedy, HP; Knutsson, A; Lincetto, O; McConville, F; McFadden, A; Taniguchi, H; ten Hoope Bender, P; Zeck, W
2019-01-01The return of weighing in pregnancy: A discussion of evidence and practiceFealy, S; Davis, D; Foureur, M; Attia, J; Hazelton, M; Hure, A
2018-08-01Effectiveness of intrapartum antibiotic prophylaxis for early-onset group B Streptococcal infection: An integrative reviewBraye, K; Ferguson, J; Davis, D; Catling, C; Monk, A; Foureur, M
2018-06-01Long-Term Weight Gain and Risk of Overweight in Parous and Nulliparous WomenDavis, D; Brown, WJ; Foureur, M; Nohr, EA; Xu, F
2018-06-01An instrumental case study examining the introduction and dissemination of the Baby Friendly Health Initiative in Australia: Participants’ perspectivesAtchan, M; Davis, D; Foureur, M
2018-05-30Optimizing Gestational Weight Gain With the Eating4Two Smartphone App: Protocol for a Randomized Controlled Trial.Davis, D; Davey, R; Williams, LT; Foureur, M; Nohr, E; Knight-Agarwal, C; Lawlis, T; Oats, J; Skouteris, H; Fuller-Tyszkiewicz, M
2018-03-01An integrative review of the psychosocial facilitators and challenges of continuous subcutaneous insulin infusion therapy in type 1 diabetesPayk, M; Robinson, T; Davis, D; Atchan, M
2017-10-01Characteristics and outcomes of newborns entered who entered into care (EIC) within 7 days of birth in NSW, AustraliaMarsh, CA; Browne, J; Taylor, J; Davis, D
2017-02-01A researcher's journey: Exploring a sensitive topic with vulnerable womenMarsh, CA; Browne, J; Taylor, J; Davis, D