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1-Feb-2017Caring for women wanting a vaginal birth after previous caesarean section: A qualitative study of the experiences of midwives and obstetricians.Foureur, M; Turkmani, S; Clack, DC; Davis, DL; Mollart, L; Leiser, B; Homer, CSE
5-Jun-2015Development and Pilot Testing of the Eating4two Mobile Phone App to Monitor Gestational Weight Gain.Knight-Agarwal, C; Davis, DL; Williams, L; Davey, R; Cox, R; Clarke, A
Sep-2014"Continuity of care" experiences in midwifery education: perspectives from diverse stakeholders.Browne, J; Haora, PJ; Taylor, J; Davis, DL
Jul-2014Gestational Weight Change in Women Attending a Group Antenatal Program Aimed at Addressing Obesity in Pregnancy in New South Wales, AustraliaRaymond, JE; Foureur, MJ; Davis, DL
Jun-2013Assisting women to make informed choices about screening for Group B Streptococcus in pregnancy: A critical review of the evidenceSheehy, AD; Davis, DL; Homer, CS
Jan-2013Does continuity of care impact decision making in the next birth after a caesarean section(VBAC)? A randomised controlled trialHomer, CS; Besley, KJ; Bell, J; Davis, DL; Adams, J; Porteous, A; Foureur, M
Sep-2012Is Asian ethnicity an independent risk factor for severe perineal trauma in childbirth? A systematic review of the literatureWheeler, J; Davis, DL; Fry, M; Brodie, PM; Homer, CS
Jan-2012Core Elements Of Transition Support Programs: The Experiences Of Newly Qualified Australian MidwivesClements, VJ; Fenwick, JH; Davis, DL
Jan-2012Addressing obesity in pregnancy: The designand feasibility of an innovative intervention in NSW, AustraliaDavis, DL; Raymond, J; Clements, V; Adams, C; Mollart, L; Teate, A; Foureur, M
Jan-2011Testing the birth unit design spatial evaluation tool (BUDSET) in Australia: a Pilot StudyFoureur, M; Leap, N; Davis, DL; Forbes, I; Homer, CS
Jan-2011Planned Place Of Birth In New Zealand: Does It Affect Mode Of Birth And Intervention Rates Among Low-Risk Women?Davis, DL; Baddock, S; Pairman, S; Hunter, M; Benn, C; Wilson, D; Dixon, L; Herbison, P
Oct-2010The Relationship Between Birth Unit Design And Safe, Satisfying Birth: Developing A Hypothetical ModelFoureur, M; Davis, DL; Fenwick, JH; Leap, N; Iedema, RA; Forbes, I; Homer, CS
Jul-2010Developing The Birth Unit Design Spatial Evaluation Tool (Budset) In Australia: A Qualitative StudyFoureur, M; Leap, N; Davis, DL; Forbes, I; Homer, CS
Jan-2010Using Storytelling to describe and analyze fieldwork experiences of knowledge generationAnderson, TK; Gronseth, AS; Davis, DL
Jan-2010Re-discovering the material body through an exploration of theories of embodimentDavis, DL; Walker, K
Jan-2010The Corporeal, The Social And Space/Place: Exploring Intersections From A Midwifery Perspective In New ZealandDavis, DL; Walker, K
Jan-2007New Zealand Midwives and Tertiary StudyPatterson, J; Davis, DL
2006The politics of practice : case-loading midwifery practice in New ZealandDavis, DL
Jan-2005Evidence based health care: Raising issues from a midwifery perspectiveDavis, DL
Jan-2005Choice in the midwifery marketDavis, DL; Wickham, S