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2021-12How do Pacific Island countries add up on contraception, abortion and reproductive coercion? Guidance from the Guttmacher report on investing in sexual and reproductive healthDawson, A; Ekeroma, A; Wilson, D; Noovao-Hill, A; Panisi, L; Takala, B; Black, K; Bateson, D
2021-12Sexual and reproductive health self-care in humanitarian and fragile settings: where should we start?Tran, NT; Tappis, H; Moon, P; Christofield, M; Dawson, A
2021-12How can human resources for health interventions contribute to sexual, reproductive, maternal, and newborn healthcare quality across the continuum in low- and lower-middle-income countries? A systematic reviewNegero, MG; Sibbritt, D; Dawson, A
2021-12Preparing for and responding to sexual and reproductive health in disaster settings: evidence from Fiji and TongaBeek, K; Drysdale, R; Kusen, M; Dawson, A
2021-03-20Maternal incarceration: Impact on parent-child relationships.Fowler, C; Rossiter, C; Power, T; Dawson, A; Jackson, D; Roche, MA
2021-01-04The maternity experiences of women seeking asylum in high-income countries: a meta-ethnography.Frank, GD; Fox, D; Njue, C; Dawson, A
2021Alcohol: from Mesopotamia to Modern Iraq.Al Ansari, M; Dawson, A; Conigrave, K
2020-12Quality and women’s satisfaction with maternal referral practices in sub-Saharan African low and lower-middle income countries: a systematic reviewAmeyaw, EK; Njue, C; Tran, NT; Dawson, A
2020-04-13The quality of and women’s satisfaction with maternal referral practices in Sub-Saharan African low and lower-middle income countries: A systematic review.Ameyaw, E; Njue, C; Tran, NT; Dawson, A
2020-03-31The quality of and women’s satisfaction with maternal referral practices in Sub-Saharan African low and lower-middle income countries: A systematic reviewAmeyaw, EK; Njue, C; Tran, NT; Dawson, A
2020-02-01Addressing female genital mutilation in the Asia Pacific: the neglected sustainable development targetDawson, A; Rashid, A; Shuib, R; Wickramage, K; Budiharsana, M; Hidayana, IM; Marranci, G
2020-026. Co-design to inform shared decision-making tools for pregnant women with FGM in primary careDawson, A
2020-01-01The impact of health education on attitudes of parents and religious leaders towards female genital mutilationAbdulah, DM; Dawson, A; Sedo, BA
2020-01-01Reflexivity in correctional research: Researcher perspectives on parenthood in a study with incarcerated parentsRossiter, C; Power, T; Fowler, C; Elliott, K; Dawson, A
2019-12-01Standardizing clinical care measures of rheumatic heart disease in pregnancy: A qualitative synthesisVaughan, G; Dawson, A; Peek, MJ; Carapetis, JR; Sullivan, EA
2019-10-03Medically Unnecessary Genital Cutting and the Rights of the Child: Moving Toward ConsensusAbdulcadir, J; Adler, PW; Alderson, P; Alexander, S; Aurenque, D; Bader, D; Ben-Yami, H; Bewley, S; Boddy, J; van den Brink, M; Bronselaer, G; Burrage, H; Ceelen, W; Chambers, C; Chegwidden, J; Coene, G; Conroy, R; Dabbagh, H; Davis, DS; Dawson, A; Decruyenaere, J; Dekkers, W; Delaet, D; De Sutter, P; van Dijk, G; Dubuc, E; Dworkin, G; Earp, BD; Baky Fahmy, MA; Ferreira, N; Florquin, S; Frisch, M; Garland, F; Goldman, R; Gruenbaum, E; Heinrichs, G; Herbenick, D; Higashi, Y; Ho, CWL; Hoebeke, P; Johnson, M; Johnson-Agbakwu, C; Karlsen, S; Kim, D; Kling, S; Komba, E; Kraus, C; Kukla, R; Lempert, A; von Gleichen, TL; Macdonald, N; Merli, C; Mishori, R; Möller, K; Monro, S; Moodley, K; Mortier, E; Munzer, SR; Murphy, TF; Nelson, JL; Ncayiyana, DJ; van Niekerk, AA; O’neill, S; Onuki, D; Palacios-González, C; Pang, MG; Proudman, CR; Richard, F; Richards, JR; Reis, E; Rotta, AT; Rubens, R; Sarajlic, E; Sardi, L; Schüklenk, U; Shahvisi, A; Shaw, D; Sidler, D; Steinfeld, R; Sterckx, S; Svoboda, JS; Tangwa, GB; Thomson, M; Tigchelaar, J; Van Biesen, W; Vandewoude, K; Van Howe, RS; Vash-Margita, A; Vissandjée, B; Wahlberg, A; Warren, N
2019-09-01Female Genital Mutilation in Rural Regions of Iraqi Kurdistan: A Cross-Sectional StudyAbdulah, DM; Sedo, BA; Dawson, A
2019-07-22Preventing female genital mutilation in high income countries: A systematic review of the evidenceNjue, C; Karumbi, J; Esho, T; Varol, N; Dawson, A
2019-07-01Asking young Aboriginal people who use illicit drugs about their healthcare preferences using audio-computer-assisted self-interviewingDowsett, M; Islam, MM; Ganora, C; Day, C; Lee, KSK; Dawson, A; Joseph, T; White, A; Freeburn, B; Conigrave, KM
2019-06-03Consumer participation in drug treatment: a systematic reviewGoodhew, M; Stein-Parbury, J; Dawson, A