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2023-06-19Women's utilisation of quality antenatal care, intrapartum care and postnatal care services in Ethiopia: a population-based study using the demographic and health survey data.Negero, MG; Sibbritt, D; Dawson, A
2023-01-14Quality intrapartum care expectations and experiences of women in sub-Saharan African Low and Low Middle-Income Countries: a qualitative meta-synthesis.Ahmed, SAE; Mahimbo, A; Dawson, A
2023Determinants of continuum of care for maternal, newborn, and child health services in Ethiopia: Analysis of the modified composite coverage index using a quantile regression approach.Gebremedhin, AF; Dawson, A; Hayen, A; Nabulsi, M
2022-12-01The Importance of Culture in Alcohol Care: Listening to First Nations Staff in Australian Aboriginal Community Controlled Health ServicesPurcell-Khodr, G; Webster, E; Harrison, K; Dawson, A; Kylie Lee, KS; Conigrave, K
2022-12Woman and girl-centred care for those affected by female genital mutilation: a scoping review of provider tools and guidelinesDawson, A; Assifi, A; Turkmani, S
2022-12Alcohol among young people in Iraq: a systematic scoping reviewAl Ansari, M; Dawson, A; Conigrave, K
2022-11-25Hormonal contraceptive use and the risk of sexually transmitted infections: a systematic review and meta-analysis.Akter, T; Festin, M; Dawson, A
2022-10-04Beliefs and attitudes of drug and alcohol clinicians when considering referral of Aboriginal clients to involuntary drug and alcohol treatment: A qualitative study.Lee, KSK; Bullen, LM; Zheng, C; Dawson, A; Munro, A; Conigrave, KM
2022-09-20Alcohol and University Students in Iraq: Attitudes, Availability, and UseAl Ansari, M; Dawson, A; Room, R; Abdulzahra, M; Conigrave, KM
2022-08-17Correction: The effect of national antenatal care guidelines and provider training on obstetric danger sign counselling: a propensity score matching analysis of the 2014 Ethiopia service provision assessment plus survey.Yeneabat, T; Hayen, A; Getachew, T; Dawson, A
2022-08-03Evaluations of effective coverage of maternal and child health services: A systematic review.Ferede Gebremedhin, A; Dawson, A; Hayen, A
2022-08Factors influencing refugees' willingness to accept COVID-19 vaccines in Greater Sydney: a qualitative study.Mahimbo, A; Kang, M; Sestakova, L; Smith, M; Dawson, A
2022-06-06The effect of national antenatal care guidelines and provider training on obstetric danger sign counselling: a propensity score matching analysis of the 2014 Ethiopia service provision assessment plus survey.Mengist, TY; Hayen, A; Getachew, T; Dawson, A
2022-06Association of dietary risks, behavioural and lifestyle factors, and the magnitude of disability burden among Australian cancer patients: An observational epidemiology studyMahumud, RA; Sultana, M; Gow, J; Rahman, MA; Uddin, KF; Kamal, M; Alam, K; Dawson, A; Law, CK
2022-03-16Audit of documentation accompanying referred maternity cases to a referral hospital in northern Ghana: a mixed-methods study.Ameyaw, EK; Amoah, RM; Njue, C; Tran, NT; Dawson, A
2022-03-14'The Drug Survey App': a protocol for developing and validating an interactive population survey tool for drug use among Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.Conigrave, JH; Wilson, S; Conigrave, KM; Chikritzhs, T; Hayman, N; Dawson, A; Ali, R; Perry, J; Fitts, MS; Degenhardt, L; Doyle, M; Egert, S; Slade, T; Ezard, N; Dzidowska, M; Lee, KSK
2022A Systematic review of sexual and reproductive health needs, experiences, access to services, and interventions among the rohingya and the afghan refugee women of reproductive age in Asia.Hossain, MA; Dawson, A
2021-12-22Caring for Pregnant Women with Rheumatic Heart Disease: A Qualitative Study of Health Service Provider PerspectivesVaughan, G; Dawson, A; Peek, M; Carapetis, J; Wade, V; Sullivan, E
2021-12-15Geographical Access to Child and Family Healthcare Services and Hospitals for Africa-Born Migrants and Refugees in NSW, Australia; A Spatial Study.Njue, C; Nicholas, N; Robertson, H; Dawson, A
2021-12How do Pacific Island countries add up on contraception, abortion and reproductive coercion? Guidance from the Guttmacher report on investing in sexual and reproductive healthDawson, A; Ekeroma, A; Wilson, D; Noovao-Hill, A; Panisi, L; Takala, B; Black, K; Bateson, D