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2021-02-01Nonpharmacological Interventions for Managing Breathlessness in Patients With Advanced Cancer: A Systematic Review.Gupta, A; Sedhom, R; Sharma, R; Zhang, A; Waldfogel, JM; Feliciano, JL; Day, J; Gersten, RA; Davidson, PM; Bass, EB; Dy, SM
2021-01-01Transdisciplinarity in extended reality (Xr) research design: Technological transformation and social good (co-creation session at xr + creativity symposium, university of Newcastle, 2020)Orr, N; Matthews, B; See, ZS; Burrell, A; Day, J; Seengal, D
2018-12-01Experiences of older people following the introduction of consumer-directed care to home care packages: A qualitative descriptive studyDay, J; Thorington Taylor, AC; Hunter, S; Summons, P; van der Riet, P; Harris, M; Maguire, J; Dilworth, S; Jeong, S; Bellchambers, H; Haydon, G; Higgins, I
2018-08-01Caregiver Mental Health, Parenting Practices, and Perceptions of Child Attachment in Children with Autism Spectrum DisorderTeague, SJ; Newman, LK; Tonge, BJ; Gray, KM; Aery, A; Andersson, E; Arciuli, J; Arora, S; Bezzina, L; Blackmore, R; Borland, R; Caruana, J; Cawood, D; Clarke, K; Day, J; Dossetor, D; Einfeld, S; Emerson, E; Evans, H; Fernandez, A; Goodall, S; Haas, K; Henderson, K; Henry, T; Hinton, S; Hoath, F; Hodges, J; Horstead, S; Howlin, P; Hu, N; Keating, C; Kelly, E; Knott, R; Kotselas, P; Louie, E; McAuliffe, Z; O’Hagan, G; Panahi, B; Phillis, K; Rose, O; Rotolone, C; Salvador-Carulla, L; Sanders, M; Schoch, M; Shortt, F; Silove, N; Sofronoff, K; Stace, L; Taffe, J; Thompson, DM; Wallman, E; Viney, R
2017-10-01Barriers and facilitators to opportunistic chronic kidney disease screening by general practice nursesSinclair, PM; Day, J; Levett-Jones, T; Kable, A
2017-01-01The database of the PREDICTS (Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems) projectHudson, LN; Newbold, T; Contu, S; Hill, SLL; Lysenko, I; De Palma, A; Phillips, HRP; Alhusseini, TI; Bedford, FE; Bennett, DJ; Booth, H; Burton, VJ; Chng, CWT; Choimes, A; Correia, DLP; Day, J; Echeverría-Londoño, S; Emerson, SR; Gao, D; Garon, M; Harrison, MLK; Ingram, DJ; Jung, M; Kemp, V; Kirkpatrick, L; Martin, CD; Pan, Y; Pask-Hale, GD; Pynegar, EL; Robinson, AN; Sanchez-Ortiz, K; Senior, RA; Simmons, BI; White, HJ; Zhang, H; Aben, J; Abrahamczyk, S; Adum, GB; Aguilar-Barquero, V; Aizen, MA; Albertos, B; Alcala, EL; del Mar Alguacil, M; Alignier, A; Ancrenaz, M; Andersen, AN; Arbeláez-Cortés, E; Armbrecht, I; Arroyo-Rodríguez, V; Aumann, T; Axmacher, JC; Azhar, B; Azpiroz, AB; Baeten, L; Bakayoko, A; Báldi, A; Banks, JE; Baral, SK; Barlow, J; Barratt, BIP; Barrico, L; Bartolommei, P; Barton, DM; Basset, Y; Batáry, P; Bates, AJ; Baur, B; Bayne, EM; Beja, P; Benedick, S; Berg, Å; Bernard, H; Berry, NJ; Bhatt, D; Bicknell, JE; Bihn, JH; Blake, RJ; Bobo, KS; Bóçon, R; Boekhout, T; Böhning-Gaese, K; Bonham, KJ; Borges, PAV; Borges, SH; Boutin, C; Bouyer, J; Bragagnolo, C; Brandt, JS; Brearley, FQ; Brito, I; Bros, V; Brunet, J; Buczkowski, G; Buddle, CM; Bugter, R; Buscardo, E; Buse, J; Cabra-García, J; Cáceres, NC; Cagle, NL
2017-01-01Home care packages: Insights into the experiences of older people leading up to the introduction of consumer directed care in AustraliaDay, J; Taylor, ACT; Summons, P; Van Der Riet, P; Hunter, S; Maguire, J; Dilworth, S; Bellchambers, H; Jeong, S; Haydon, G; Harris, M; Higgins, I
2014-12-01The PREDICTS database: A global database of how local terrestrial biodiversity responds to human impactsHudson, LN; Newbold, T; Contu, S; Hill, SLL; Lysenko, I; De Palma, A; Phillips, HRP; Senior, RA; Bennett, DJ; Booth, H; Choimes, A; Correia, DLP; Day, J; Echeverría-Londoño, S; Garon, M; Harrison, MLK; Ingram, DJ; Jung, M; Kemp, V; Kirkpatrick, L; Martin, CD; Pan, Y; White, HJ; Aben, J; Abrahamczyk, S; Adum, GB; Aguilar-Barquero, V; Aizen, MA; Ancrenaz, M; Arbeláez-Cortés, E; Armbrecht, I; Azhar, B; Azpiroz, AB; Baeten, L; Báldi, A; Banks, JE; Barlow, J; Batáry, P; Bates, AJ; Bayne, EM; Beja, P; Berg, Å; Berry, NJ; Bicknell, JE; Bihn, JH; Böhning-Gaese, K; Boekhout, T; Boutin, C; Bouyer, J; Brearley, FQ; Brito, I; Brunet, J; Buczkowski, G; Buscardo, E; Cabra-García, J; Calviño-Cancela, M; Cameron, SA; Cancello, EM; Carrijo, TF; Carvalho, AL; Castro, H; Castro-Luna, AA; Cerda, R; Cerezo, A; Chauvat, M; Clarke, FM; Cleary, DFR; Connop, SP; D'Aniello, B; da Silva, PG; Darvill, B; Dauber, J; Dejean, A; Diekötter, T; Dominguez-Haydar, Y; Dormann, CF; Dumont, B; Dures, SG; Dynesius, M; Edenius, L; Elek, Z; Entling, MH; Farwig, N; Fayle, TM; Felicioli, A; Felton, AM; Ficetola, GF; Filgueiras, BKC; Fonte, SJ; Fraser, LH; Fukuda, D; Furlani, D; Ganzhorn, JU; Garden, JG; Gheler-Costa, C; Giordani, P; Giordano, S; Gottschalk, MS; Goulson, D; Gove, AD
2014-07-25Moving Collected Ambience,Day, J; Jaaniste, L
2014-01-01Using a virtual community to enhance nursing student's understanding of primary health careDay, J; Levett-Jones, T; Taylor, ACT
2009-08-01A process to design a network of marine no-take areas: Lessons from the Great Barrier ReefFernandes, L; Day, J; Kerrigan, B; Breen, D; De'ath, G; Mapstone, B; Coles, R; Done, T; Marsh, H; Poiner, I; Ward, T; Williams, D; Kenchington, R