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1-Mar-2008Comparing model predictions and experimental data for the response of stomatal conductance and guard cell turgor to manipulations of cuticular conductance, leaf-to-air vapour pressure difference and temperature: Feedback mechanisms are able to account for all observationsEamus, D; Taylor, DT; Macinnis-Ng, CMO; Shanahan, S; De Silva, L
Jan-2007OBOC: Ontology Based Object Categorisation for RobotsMendoza, R; Johnston, BG; Yang, F; Huang, Z; Chen, X; Williams, M; Mukhopadhyay, S; Messom, C; De Silva, L; Sen Gupta, G
1-Oct-2005Structurally perturbed chiral Bragg reflectors for elliptically polarized lightHodgkinson, I; Wu, QH; De Silva, L; Arnold, M; Lakhtakia, A; McCall, M
1-Jul-2005Natural and nanoengineered chiral reflectors: Structural color of manuka beetles and titania coatingsDe Silva, L; Hodgkinson, I; Murray, P; Wu, QIH; Arnold, M; Leader, J; Mcnaughton, A
1-Apr-2004Bideposited thin-film retardation plates for use at deep UV wavelengthsHodgkinson, I; Hong Wu, Q; Arnold, M; De Silva, L; Blaikie, R
1-Jan-2004Inorganic positive uniaxial films fabricated by serial bidepositionHodgkinson, I; Wu, QH; De Silva, L; Arnold, M
1-Jan-2004All-silicon polarizing filters for near-infrared wavelengthsWu, QH; De Silva, L; Arnold, M; Hodgkinson, IJ; Takeuchi, E
28-Nov-2003Supermodes of chiral photonic filters with combined twist and layer defectsHodgkinson, IJ; Wu, QH; De Silva, L; Arnold, M; McCall, MW; Lakhtakia, A