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1-Dec-2013Trust and matching algorithms for selecting suitable agentsOsman, N; Sierra, C; Mcneill, F; Pane, J; Debenham, J
1-Jan-2010Dual Rationality and Deliberative AgentsDebenham, J; Sierra, C; Bramer, M; Ellis, R; Petridis, M
2010Self-organisation of an 802.11 Mesh NetworkDebenham, J; Prodan, A
1-Jan-2009Agent-Based Negotiation in Uncertain EnvironmentsDebenham, J; Sierra, C; Bramer, M; Coenen, F; Petridis, M
2009A Multiagent System for Self-organisation of an 802.11 Mesh NetworkDebenham, J; Prodan, A
1-Dec-2008The examination of an information-based approach to trustSierra, C; Debenham, J
1-Jan-2008Teaching autonomous agents to move in a believable manner within Virtual InstitutionsBogdanovych, A; Simoff, S; Esteva, M; Debenham, J; Bramer, M
2008A Self-organising Network Based on Lightweight AgentsDebenham, J; Prodan, A
2008A light-weight multi-agent system manages 802.11 mesh networksProdan, A; Debenham, J
2008The multiagent system for channel selection and topology control on 802.11 based mesh networksProdan, A; Mirchandani, V; Debenham, J
2008Merging intelligent agency and the semantic webDebenham, J; Sierra, C
1-Dec-2007Building business relationships with negotiationDebenham, J; Sierra, C
21-Dec-2006Identification of important news for exchange rate modelingZhang, D; Simoff, SJ; Debenham, J
1-Jan-2006Identification of reusable method fragments from the PASSI agent-oriented methodologyHenderson-Sellers, B; Debenham, J; Tran, QNN; Cossentino, M; Low, G
1-Jan-2006Fast simulation of animal locomotion: Lamprey swimmingBeauregard, M; Kennedy, PJ; Debenham, J
1-Dec-2005Incorporate domain knowledge into support vector machine to classify price impacts of unexpected newsYu, T; Jan, T; Debenham, J; Simoff, S
1-Jan-2005Incorporating elements from CAMLE in the open repositoryGonzalez-Perez, C; Henderson-Sellers, B; Debenham, J; Low, GC; Tran, QNN
1-Jan-2005Agent-oriented information systems development using open and the agent factoryHenderson-Sellers, B; Tran, QNN; Debenham, J; Gonzalez-Perez, C; Vasilecas, O; Caplinskas, A; Wojtkowski, W; Wojtkowski, WG; Zupancic, J; Wrycza, S
Jan-2004Method Engineering; The Open Process Framework and CassiopeiaHenderson-Sellers, B; Tran, Q; Debenham, JK; Mercier-Laurent, E; Debenham, J
Jan-2003A Framework for Guiding the Design of Effective Implementation Strategies for Software ImprovementNiazi, MK; Wilson, DN; Zowghi, D; Debenham, J; Zhang, K