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2022-10-04Adapting community child and family health service models for rural and other diverse settings: A modified Delphi study to identify key elements.Stockton, DA; Fowler, C; Debono, D; Travaglia, J
2022-09-27Development of a framework for the collaborative adaptation of service models for child and family health in diverse settings (CASCADES).Stockton, DA; Fowler, C; Debono, D; Travaglia, J
2022-09-19Falling through the cracks: the invisible hospital cleaning workforce.Hacker, CE; Debono, D; Travaglia, J; Carter, DJ
2022-08-30Psychological sequelae of hand injuries: an integrative review.Maddison, K; Perry, L; Debono, D
2022-07-26Implementation of Web-Based Psychosocial Interventions for Adults With Acquired Brain Injury and Their Caregivers: Systematic Review.Miao, M; Rietdijk, R; Brunner, M; Debono, D; Togher, L; Power, E
2022-06-14Creating space for theory when codesigning healthcare interventions.Harrison, R; Ní Shé, É; Debono, D; Chauhan, A; Newman, B
2022-05-10Examining the Content and Outcomes of Training in Dysphagia and Mealtime Management: A Systematic Review Informing Co-Design of New Training.Reddacliff, C; Hemsley, B; Smith, R; Dalton, S; Jones, S; Fitzpatrick, A; Given, F; Kelly, J; Lawson, X; Darcy, S; Debono, D; Benfer, K; Balandin, S
2022-05-05Australian hospital outpatient pharmacies: service adaptations during the 2020 national coronavirus disease 2019 lockdown.Wise, S; Coleshill, MJ; Taylor, N; Le, M; Debono, D; Day, RO; Melocco, T; Baysari, MT; Laba, T-L; Carland, JE
2022-01-20Implementing and evaluating co-designed change in health.Harrison, R; Ni She, E; Debono, D
2022-01-10Coproducing Knowledge of the Implementation of Complex Digital Health Interventions for Adults with Acquired Brain Injury and their Communication Partners: Protocol for a Mixed Methods Study.Miao, M; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Debono, D; Brunner, M; Salomon, A; Mcculloch, B; Wright, MR; Welsh, M; Tremblay, B; Rixon, C; Williams, L; Morrow, R; Evain, J-C; Togher, L
2021-12-09A Web-Based Service Delivery Model for Communication Training After Brain Injury: Protocol for a Mixed Methods, Prospective, Hybrid Type 2 Implementation-Effectiveness Study.Miao, M; Power, E; Rietdijk, R; Brunner, M; Debono, D; Togher, L
2021-11-25Recognising complexity: Foregrounding vulnerable and diverse populations for inclusive health information management research.Hemsley, B; Debono, D
2021-08-25Co-designing a dashboard of predictive analytics and decision support to drive care quality and client outcomes in aged care: a mixed-method study protocolLudlow, K; Westbrook, J; Jorgensen, M; Lind, KE; Baysari, MT; Gray, LC; Day, RO; Ratcliffe, J; Lord, SR; Georgiou, A; Braithwaite, J; Raban, MZ; Close, J; Beattie, E; Zheng, WY; Debono, D; Nguyen, A; Siette, J; Seaman, K; Miao, M; Root, J; Roffe, D; O’Toole, L; Carrasco, M; Thompson, A; Shaikh, J; Wong, J; Stanton, C; Haddock, R
2021-07-22The influence of the built environment in enacting a household model of residential aged care for people living with a mental health condition: A qualitative post-occupancy evaluationCarnemolla, P; Debono, D; Hourihan, F; Hor, S; Robertson, H; Travaglia, J
2021-07-13Building capacity from within: qualitative evaluation of a training program aimed at upskilling healthcare workers in delivering an evidence-based implementation approach.Morrow, A; Chan, P; Tiernan, G; Steinberg, J; Debono, D; Wolfenden, L; Tucker, KM; Hogden, E; Taylor, N
2021-05-31Relationship between patient safety culture and patient experience in hospital settings: a scoping review protocolAlabdaly, A; Debono, D; Hinchcliff, R; Hor, S-Y
2021-03-09World Health Organization building blocks in rural community health services: An integrative reviewStockton, DA; Fowler, C; Debono, D; Travaglia, J
2021-01-01Measuring the impact of COVID-19 related change on Australian nursing practice and nurse well-beingSheppard-Law, S; Debono, D; Doab, A; Fry, M
2020-03-24Options to enhance the veracity of Australian health service accreditation assessments.Hinchcliff, R; Debono, D; Carter, D; Glennie, M; Robertson, H; Travaglia, J
2020-01-01Harnessing ward-level administrative data and expert knowledge to improve staffing decisions: A multi-method case studyDuffield, C; Roche, MA; Wise, S; Debono, D