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2022-07-20The Transcription Factors TaTDRL and TaMYB103 Synergistically Activate the Expression of TAA1a in Wheat, Which Positively Regulates the Development of Microspore in Arabidopsis.Wu, B; Xia, Y; Zhang, G; Wang, J; Ma, S; Song, Y; Yang, Z; Dennis, ES; Niu, N
2022-07-01Hybrid Vigour and Hybrid Mimics in Japonica RiceZhang, Y; Ovenden, B; He, Y; Ye, W; Wu, X; Peacock, WJ; Dennis, ES
2022-01-01Transcriptional Association between mRNAs and Their Paired Natural Antisense Transcripts Following Fusarium oxysporum Inoculation in Brassica rapa L.Akter, MA; Mehraj, H; Miyaji, N; Takahashi, S; Takasaki-Yasuda, T; Seki, M; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R; Osabe, K
2021-08-13Rice hybrid mimics have stable yields equivalent to those of the F1 hybrid and suggest a basis for hybrid vigour.He, Y; Zhang, Y; Liao, Y; Dennis, ES; Peacock, WJ; Wu, X
2021-06-07Characterization of Histone H3 Lysine 4 and 36 Tri-methylation in Brassica rapa L.Mehraj, H; Takahashi, S; Miyaji, N; Akter, A; Suzuki, Y; Seki, M; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R
2021-05-27Development of a New DNA Marker for Fusarium Yellows Resistance in Brassica rapa VegetablesMiyaji, N; Akter, MA; Suzukamo, C; Mehraj, H; Shindo, T; Itabashi, T; Okazaki, K; Shimizu, M; Kaji, M; Katsumata, M; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R
2021-04The transcriptional response to salicylic acid plays a role in Fusarium yellows resistance in Brassica rapa L.Miyaji, N; Shimizu, M; Takasaki-Yasuda, T; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R
2021-03-31Genome-wide analysis of long noncoding RNAs, 24-nt siRNAs, DNA methylation and H3K27me3 marks in Brassica rapaMehraj, H; Shea, DJ; Takahashi, S; Miyaji, N; Akter, A; Seki, M; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R; Osabe, K
2020-08-26Arabidopsis Col/Ler and Ws/Ler hybrids and Hybrid Mimics produce seed yield heterosis through increased height, inflorescence branch and silique number.Wang, L; Yamashita, M; Greaves, IK; Peacock, WJ; Dennis, ES
2020-01-21Leaf growth in early development is key to biomass heterosis in Arabidopsis.Liu, P-C; Peacock, WJ; Wang, L; Furbank, R; Larkum, A; Dennis, ES
2019-12-01Long noncoding RNAs in Brassica rapa L. following vernalizationShea, DJ; Nishida, N; Takada, S; Itabashi, E; Takahashi, S; Akter, A; Miyaji, N; Osabe, K; Mehraj, H; Shimizu, M; Seki, M; Kakizaki, T; Okazaki, K; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R
2019-12-01The role of FRIGIDA and FLOWERING LOCUS C genes in flowering time of Brassica rapa leafy vegetablesTakada, S; Akter, A; Itabashi, E; Nishida, N; Shea, DJ; Miyaji, N; Mehraj, H; Osabe, K; Shimizu, M; Takasaki-Yasuda, T; Kakizaki, T; Okazaki, K; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R
2019-11-02DEMETER plays a role in DNA demethylation and disease response in somatic tissues of ArabidopsisSchumann, U; Lee, JM; Smith, NA; Zhong, C; Zhu, JK; Dennis, ES; Millar, AA; Wang, MB
2019-11-01In Arabidopsis hybrids and Hybrid Mimics, up-regulation of cell wall biogenesis is associated with the increased plant sizeWang, L; Wu, LM; Greaves, IK; Dennis, ES; Peacock, WJ
2019-10-01The histone modification H3 lysine 27 tri-methylation has conserved gene regulatory roles in the triplicated genome of Brassica rapa LAkter, A; Takahashi, S; Deng, W; Shea, DJ; Itabashi, E; Shimizu, M; Miyaji, N; Osabe, K; Nishida, N; Suzuki, Y; Helliwell, CA; Seki, M; Peacock, WJ; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R
2019-05-01Senescence and defense pathways contribute to heterosisGonzalez-Bayon, R; Shen, Y; Groszmann, M; Zhu, A; Wang, A; Allu, AD; Dennis, ES; Peacock, WJ; Greaves, IK
2019-04-11Cotyledons contribute to plant growth and hybrid vigor in ArabidopsisWang, L; Liu, PC; Wu, LM; Tan, J; Peacock, WJ; Dennis, ES
2018-01-01Genome-wide characterization of DNA methylation, small RNA expression, and histone H3 lysine nine di-methylation in Brassica rapa L.Takahashi, S; Osabe, K; Fukushima, N; Takuno, S; Miyaji, N; Shimizu, M; Takasaki-Yasuda, T; Suzuki, Y; Dennis, ES; Seki, M; Fujimoto, R
2017-12-01Comparison of transcriptome profiles by Fusarium oxysporum inoculation between Fusarium yellows resistant and susceptible lines in Brassica rapa L.Miyaji, N; Shimizu, M; Miyazaki, J; Osabe, K; Sato, M; Ebe, Y; Takada, S; Kaji, M; Dennis, ES; Fujimoto, R; Okazaki, K
2017-08-07Analysis of argonaute 4-associated long non-coding RNA in arabidopsis thaliana sheds novel insights into gene regulation through RNA-directed DNA methylationAu, PCK; Dennis, ES; Wang, MB