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2023-07-04Guided Learning from Demonstration for Robust TransferabilitySukkar, F; Moreno, VH; Vidal-Calleja, T; Deuse, J
2023-04-27It’s Coming Home Down Under–The Potential of Digital Work to Overcome Australia’s Challenges in Reshoring ManufacturingLammers, T; Sick, N; Guertler, M; Deuse, J; Shajek, A; Hartmann, EA
2023-02-08Guided Learning from Demonstration for Robust TransferabilitySukkar, F; Moreno, VH; Vidal-Calleja, T; Deuse, J
2023-01-01Joint modelling of the order-dependent parts supply strategies sequencing, kitting and batch supply for assembly lines: insights from industrial practiceOstermeier, FF; Jaehnert, J; Deuse, J
2023-01-01Flexible job shop scheduling with preventive maintenance considerationWocker, MM; Ostermeier, FF; Wanninger, T; Zwinkau, R; Deuse, J
2023-01-01Modelling forgetting due to intermittent production in mixed-model line schedulingOstermeier, FF; Deuse, J
2023-01-01How Moderator Variables Affect Scheduling Objectives in Unpaced Mixed-Model Assembly LinesOstermeier, F; West, N; Deuse, J
2023-01-01Requirements for the Development of a Collaboration Platform for Competency-Based Collaboration in Industrial Data Science ProjectsSyberg, M; West, N; Schwenken, J; Adams, R; Deuse, J; Marquez, FPG; Ramirez, IS; Sanchez, PJB; DelRio, AM
2023-01-01Forecasting Algae Growth in Photo-Bioreactors Using Attention LSTMsBoiar, D; Killich, N; Schulte, L; Hernandez Moreno, V; Deuse, J; Liebig, T
2023-01-01Development of a Transdisciplinary Role Concept for the Process Chain of Industrial Data ScienceSchwenken, J; Klupak, C; Syberg, M; West, N; Walker, F; Deuse, J
2022-12-01Digital Collaboration Platform for Distributed, Agile Engineering – Integration of an IT Approach and Indicators for Acceptance in Industrial SMEs.Wagstyl, D; Borggräfe, T; Oberdiek, S; Wagener, L; Deuse, J
2022-09-25Digitization of the work environment for sustainable production How could Digital Technologies enable a neutral Product Carbon Footprint?Deuse, J; Sick, N; Bennett, N; Guertler, M; Hoffmann, F; Lammers, T; Hernandez Moreno, V
2022-09-15Digitization of the work environment for sustainable production – How could algae based sink technologies enable a neutral Product Carbon Footprint?Deuse, J; Hoffmann, F; Sick, N; Bennett, N; Lammers, T; Hernandez Moreno, V
2022-09-01Automated search of process control limits for fault detection in time series dataSchlegl, T; Tomaselli, D; Schlegl, S; West, N; Deuse, J
2022-08-07Design for Additive Manufacturing (DfAM): Analysing and Mapping Research Trends and Industry NeedsGuertler, M; Clemon, LM; Bennett, N; Deuse, J
2022-05-01Identification and Prediction of Dynamic Bottlenecks - Conception and User Requirements for a Practical Process Selection and Further DevelopmentSchwenken, J; Schallow, J; Sollik, D; Richter, R; Deuse, J
2022-04-01Adaptive similarity search for the retrieval of rare events from large time series databasesSchlegl, T; Schlegl, S; Tomaselli, D; West, N; Deuse, J
2022-01-01Woolshed Throughput Improvement Using Discrete Event SimulationAl-Zqebah, R; Hoffmann, F; Bennett, N; Deuse, J; Clemon, L
2022-01-01Creating lean value streams through proactive variability managementRichter, R; Syberg, M; Deuse, J; Willats, P; Lenze, D
2022-01-01A Holistic Methodology for Successive Bottleneck Analysis in Dynamic Value Streams of Manufacturing CompaniesWest, N; Syberg, M; Deuse, J