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2017-01The past is prologue: Moving on from Culture’s ConsequencesDevinney, TM; Hohberger, J
2016-01-01The Architecture of Dynamic Capability Research Identifying the Building Blocks of a Configurational ApproachWilden, R; Devinney, TM; Dowling, GR
2013-10-25Do we really understand a research topic? finding answers through metaanalysesDevinney, TM; Tang, RW
2013-10-25Meta-analytic research in international business and international managementBuckley, PJ; Devinney, TM; Tang, RW
2013-10-25Introduction to Part II: Do we do science? Philosophy and knowledge in international business and managementDevinney, TM; Pedersen, T; Tihanyi, L
2013-05-01Is microfoundational thinking critical to management thought and practice?Devinney, TM
2013-03-01How much does a company's reputation matter in recruiting?Auger, P; Devinney, TM; Dowling, GR; Eckert, C; Lin, N
2013-01-01Corporate Social Responsibility and Corporate Governance: Comparative PerspectivesDevinney, TM; Schwalbach, J; Williams, CA
2012-01-02Using Market Segmentation Approaches to Understand the Green ConsumerDevinney, TM
2012-01What Matters to Citizens of the United Kingdom: Social, Political and Economic ValuesDevinney, TM; Auger, P; De Sailly, R
2012-01What Matters to Australians: Our Social, Political and Economic ValuesDevinney, TM; De Sailly, R; Auger, P
2012-01What Matters to Germans: Social, Economic and Political ValuesDevinney, TM; De Sailly, R; Auger, P; Sattler, H; Erfgen, C; Schwalbach, J
2012-01Strategic Implications for (Non-Equity) Alliance PerformanceGudergan, S; Devinney, TM; Richter, NF; Ellis, S
2012-01What Matters to Americans: Social, Political and Economic ValuesDevinney, TM; Auger, P; De Sailly, R
2012-01Developments in Space Tourism: Current and Future ResearchCrouch, G; Devinney, TM; Louviere, JJ; Hsu, CHC; Gartner, WC
2011-12-01Bringing managers' decision models into FDI researchDevinney, TM
2011-12-01Introduction to Part II: Dynamics of globalization: Location-specific advantages or liabilities of foreignness?Asmussen, CG; Pedersen, T; Devinney, TM; Tihanyi, L
2011-12-01The importance of internal and external knowledge sourcing and firm performance: A latent class estimationPedersen, T; Soo, C; Devinney, TM
2011-09-01Customer relationship management and firm performanceColtman, T; Devinney, TM; Midgley, DF