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1-Feb-2018A Study Comparing the Global Warming Potential of Timber and Reinforced Concrete Construction in Office and Apartment BuildingsDing, G; Forsythe, P
15-Jan-2018Comparing the performance of brick and timber in residential buildings – The case of AustraliaThomas, D; Ding, G
28-Jul-2017Wastewater treatment and reuse - The future source of water supplyDing, G; Abraham, M
28-Jul-2017Recycling and reuse of rainwater and stormwaterDing, G; Abraham, M
1-Mar-2017Developing a hybrid model of prediction and classification algorithms for building energy consumptionBanihashemi, S; Ding, G; Wang, J
1-Jan-2017Assessing Potential for Reduction in Carbon Emissions in a Multi-unit of Residential Development in SydneyPanahian, M; Ghosh, S; Ding, G
1-Jan-2017Relationship between Sustainable Technology and Building Age: Evidence from AustraliaDadzie, J; Ding, G; Runeson, G
1-Jan-2017Developing a Hybrid Model of Prediction and Classification Algorithms for Building Energy ConsumptionBanihashemi, S; Ding, G; Wang, J
24-Nov-2016Assessing potential for reduction in carbon emissions in a multi-unit of residential development in SydneyPanahian, M; Ghosh, S; Ding, G
13-Jul-2016Measuring Sustainability Performance For A Multiunit Residential Development Case Study In SydneyPanahian, M; Ding, G; Ghosh, S; Singhaputtangkul, N
6-Jul-2016Investigating the use of sustainable technologies in existing buildings for energy efficiencyDadzie, J; Ding, G; Runeson, G; Singhaputtangkul, N
1-May-2016Developing planning indicators for outdoor wind environments of high-rise residential buildingsYing, XY; Ding, G; Hu, XJ; Zhang, YQ
1-Jan-2016A comparative study of floor construction on sloping sites: An analysis of cumulative energy demand and greenhouse gas emissionsDing, G; Forsythe, P
1-Jan-2014Greenhouse gas emissions from excavation on residential construction sitesForsythe, P; Ding, G
1-Jan-2014Implications of legal frameworks on construction and demolition waste recycling-A comparative study of the German and Australian systemsWonschik, CR; Brennan, J; Ding, G; Heilmann, A; Vessalas, K
1-Jan-2014A closed-loop system of construction and demolition waste recyclingBrennan, J; Ding, G; Wonschik, CR; Vessalas, K
1-Jan-2014Sustainable timber use in residential construction: Perception versus realityThomas, D; Ding, G; Crews, K
18-Jul-2013Sustainable timber use in the Australian housing market: Are consumers willing to pay the priceThomas, D; Ding, G; Crews, K
1-Mar-2013Sustainable construction: Life cycle energy analysis of construction on sloping sites for residential buildingsDing, G; Forsythe, PJ
1-Jan-2013Demolish or refurbish - environmental benefits of housing conservationDing, G