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2022-01-17Sustainable Buildings’ Energy-Efficient Retrofitting: A Study of Large Office Buildings in BeijingWan, S; Ding, G; Runeson, G; Liu, Y
2022-01-01Risk allocation for energy performance contract from the perspective of incomplete contract: a study of commercial buildings in ChinaWan, S; Liu, Y; Ding, G; Runeson, G; Er, M
2021-10-01Optimization of the Discrete Structure in a Pressure Sensor Based on a Multiple-Contact Mechanism to Improve Sensitivity and NonlinearityLiu, Y; Li, H; Li, Y; Xu, X; Yang, Z; Ding, G
2021-01-01Ultra-high sensitive micro-chemo-mechanical hydrogen sensor integrated by palladium-based driver and high-performance piezoresistorLi, H; Li, Y; Wang, K; Lai, L; Xu, X; Sun, B; Yang, Z; Ding, G
2020-12-01Energy and economic analysis of environmental upgrading of existing office buildingsNguyen, DM; Ding, G; Runeson, G
2019-12-01A Heterogeneous Integrated MEMS Inertial Switch with Compliant Cantilevers Fixed Electrode and Electrostatic Locking to Realize Stable On-StateZhang, X; Xiang, X; Wang, Y; Ding, G; Xu, X; Yang, Z
2019-11-01Feature Affinity-Based Pseudo Labeling for Semi-Supervised Person Re-IdentificationDing, G; Zhang, S; Khan, S; Tang, Z; Zhang, J; Porikli, F
2019-09-01Embodied and operating energy assessment of existing buildings – Demolish or rebuildDing, G; Ying, X
2019-01Heterogeneous Integrated MEMS Inertial Switch with Electrostatic Locking and Compliant Cantilever Stationary Electrode for Holding Stable ‘on’-StateZhang, X; Shi, J; Zhu, X; Wang, Y; Chen, J; Ding, G; Yang, Z
2018-12-03Sustainable technologies as determinants of energy efficient upgrade of existing buildingsDadzie, J; Runeson, G; Ding, G
2018-06-01Numerical method for shape optimization of standard floor of the high-rise buildings in hot-summer and cold-winter areas under the low energy consumption target—taking the L-shape as an exampleYing, XY; Li, WZ; Kan, Q; Zhang, Z; Ding, G
2018-04-24A micro electromagnetically-driven scanner by 2-DOF second-order resonance to extend scanning scale for ultra-thin single-fiber endoscope applicationZhao, M; Yang, Z; Sun, B; Dai, B; Liu, H; Yao, J; Xu, X; Ding, G; Zhao, X
2018-04-13Barriers to adoption of sustainable technologies for energy-efficient building upgrade-Semi-structured interviewsDadzie, J; Runeson, G; Ding, G; Bondinuba, FK
2018-01-15Comparing the performance of brick and timber in residential buildings – The case of AustraliaThomas, D; Ding, G
2018-01-01The form of street spatial layout based on a wind environmental perspectiveYing, XY; Kan, Q; Ding, G
2018-01-01Molecular characteristics of the refractory organic matter in the anaerobic and aerobic digestates of sewage sludgeLi, X; Mei, Q; Yan, X; Dong, B; Dai, X; Yu, L; Wang, Y; Ding, G; Yu, F; Zhou, J
2018-01-01Determinants of sustainable upgrade for energy efficiency - The case of existing buildings in AustraliaDadzie, J; Runeson, G; Ding, G
2017-03-01Developing a hybrid model of prediction and classification algorithms for building energy consumptionBanihashemi, S; Ding, G; Wang, J
2017-01-01Developing a Hybrid Model of Prediction and Classification Algorithms for Building Energy ConsumptionBanihashemi, S; Ding, G; Wang, J
2017-01-01Relationship between Sustainable Technology and Building Age: Evidence from AustraliaDadzie, J; Ding, G; Runeson, G