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2023-03Land surface phenology indicators retrieved across diverse ecosystems using a modified threshold algorithmXie, Q; Moore, CE; Cleverly, J; Hall, CC; Ding, Y; Ma, X; Leigh, A; Huete, A
2023-01-15Domain Generalization by Learning and Removing Domain-specific FeaturesDing, Y; Wang, L; Liang, B; Liang, S; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2023-01-01Lattice doping of Zn boosts oxygen vacancies in Co<inf>3</inf>O<inf>4</inf> Nanocages: Improving persulfate activation via forming Surface-Activated complexWang, MM; Liu, LJ; Xi, JR; Ding, Y; Liu, PX; Mao, L; Ni, BJ; Wang, WK; Xu, J
2022-11-01Potential Hormetic Effects of Cimetidine on Aerobic Composting of Human Feces from Rural ChinaLi, X; Wang, X; Pan, X; Zhu, P; Zhang, Q; Huang, X; Deng, X; Wang, Z; Ding, Y; Liu, X; Zhou, JL
2022-10-01Team power dynamics and team impact: New perspectives on scientific collaboration using career age as a proxy for team powerXu, H; Bu, Y; Liu, M; Zhang, C; Sun, M; Zhang, Y; Meyer, E; Salas, E; Ding, Y
2022-08-14International Workshop on Data-driven Science of ScienceBu, Y; Liu, M; Zhai, Y; Ding, Y; Xia, F; Acuña, DE; Zhang, Y
2022-08-01A Comprehensive Comparison of Machine Learning and Feature Selection Methods for Maize Biomass Estimation Using Sentinel-1 SAR, Sentinel-2 Vegetation Indices, and Biophysical VariablesXu, C; Ding, Y; Zheng, X; Wang, Y; Zhang, R; Zhang, H; Dai, Z; Xie, Q
2022-06-30One-Shot Talking Face Generation from Single-Speaker Audio-Visual Correlation LearningWang, S; Li, L; Ding, Y; Yu, X
2022-03-07NAP: Neural architecture search with pruningDing, Y; Wu, Y; Huang, C; Tang, S; Wu, F; Yang, Y; Zhu, W; Zhuang, Y
2022-03-01Land surface phenology retrievals for arid and semi-arid ecosystemsXie, Q; Cleverly, J; Moore, CE; Ding, Y; Hall, CC; Ma, X; Brown, LA; Wang, C; Beringer, J; Prober, SM; Macfarlane, C; Meyer, WS; Yin, G; Huete, A
2022-02-28RFNet: Region-aware Fusion Network for Incomplete Multi-modal Brain Tumor SegmentationDing, Y; Yu, X; Yang, Y
2022-01-19Rational Control on Quantum Emitter Formation in Carbon-Doped Monolayer Hexagonal Boron Nitride.Liu, H; Mendelson, N; Abidi, IH; Li, S; Liu, Z; Cai, Y; Zhang, K; You, J; Tamtaji, M; Wong, H; Ding, Y; Chen, G; Aharonovich, I; Luo, Z
2022-01-01Learning to Learn by Jointly Optimizing Neural Architecture and WeightsDing, Y; Wu, Y; Huang, C; Tang, S; Yang, Y; Wei, L; Zhuang, Y; Tian, Q
2021-10-26Failure Prediction for Large-scale Water Pipe Networks Using GNN and Temporal Failure SeriesLiang, S; Li, Z; Liang, B; Ding, Y; Wang, Y; Chen, F
2021-06-01Energy efficiency with service availability guarantee for Network Function VirtualizationMai, L; Ding, Y; Zhang, X; Fan, L; Yu, S; Xu, Z
2021-01-01Identifying citation patterns of scientific breakthroughs: A perspective of dynamic citation processMin, C; Bu, Y; Wu, D; Ding, Y; Zhang, Y
2021-01-01Audio2Head: Audio-driven One-shot Talking-head Generation with Natural Head MotionWang, S; Li, L; Ding, Y; Fan, C; Yu, X
2021-01-01Write-a-speaker: Text-based Emotional and Rhythmic Talking-head GenerationLi, L; Wang, S; Zhang, Z; Ding, Y; Zheng, Y; Yu, X; Fan, C
2021Novelty Detection and Online Learning for Chunk Data Streams.Wang, Y; Ding, Y; He, X; Fan, X; Lin, C; Li, F; Wang, T; Luo, Z; Luo, J
2021Modeling the Probabilistic Distribution of Unlabeled Data for One-shot Medical Image SegmentationDing, Y; Yu, X; Yang, Y