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2020-12-02Mercury in Pancreatic Cells of People with and without Pancreatic Cancer.Pamphlett R; Colebatch AJ; Doble PA; Bishop DP
2020-11-02Characterization of Upconversion Nanoparticles by Single-Particle ICP-MS Employing a Quadrupole Mass Filter with Increased Bandpass.Meyer S; Gonzalez de Vega R; Xu X; Du Z; Doble PA; Clases D
2020-04-01Matching sensitivity to abundance: High resolution immuno-mass spectrometry imaging of lanthanide labels and endogenous elements in the murine brainClases D; Gonzalez De Vega R; Funke S; Lockwood TE; Westerhausen MT; Taudte RV; Adlard PA; Doble PA
2020-02-03Patterns of floral nectar standing crops allow plants to manipulate their pollinators.Pyke GH; Kalman JRM; Bordin DM; Blanes L; Doble PA
2020-02Characterising the spatial and temporal brain metal profile in a mouse model of tauopathy.Rao SS; Lago L; Gonzalez de Vega R; Bray L; Hare DJ; Clases D; Doble PA; Adlard PA
2020-01-31Elemental bioimaging shows mercury and other toxic metals in normal breast tissue and in breast cancers.Pamphlett R; Satgunaseelan L; Kum Jew S; Doble PA; Bishop DP
2020-01Elemental imaging shows mercury in cells of the human lateral and medial geniculate nuclei.Pamphlett R; Kum Jew S; Doble PA; Bishop DP
2020-01The distribution of toxic metals in the human retina and optic nerve head: Implications for age-related macular degeneration.Pamphlett R; Cherepanoff S; Too LK; Kum Jew S; Doble PA; Bishop DP