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2023-06Defining marine bacterioplankton community assembly rules by contrasting the importance of environmental determinants and biotic interactions.Doane, MP; Ostrowski, M; Brown, M; Bramucci, A; Bodrossy, L; van de Kamp, J; Bissett, A; Steinberg, P; Doblin, MA; Seymour, J
2023Gamay (Botany Bay, Australia): What we know and still need to know about this highly modified coastal waterway?Stelling-Wood, TP; Gribben, PE; Birch, G; Bishop, MJ; Blount, C; Booth, DJ; Brown, C; Bruce, E; Bugnot, AB; Byrne, M; Creese, RG; Dafforn, KA; Dahlenburg, J; Doblin, MA; Fellowes, TE; Fowler, AM; Gibbs, MC; Glamore, W; Glasby, TM; Hay, AC; Kelaher, B; Knott, NA; Larkum, AWD; Parker, LM; Marzinelli, EM; Mayer-Pinto, M; Morgan, B; Murray, SA; Rees, MJ; Ross, PM; Roughan, M; Saintilan, N; Scanes, E; Seymour, JR; Schaefer, N; Suthers, IM; Taylor, MD; Williamson, JE; Concejo, AV; Whittington, RJ; Figueira, WF
2022-10-01Phosphate-inducible poly-hydroxy butyrate production dynamics in CO<inf>2</inf> supplemented upscaled cultivation of engineered Phaeodactylum tricornutumWindhagauer, M; Abbriano, RM; Pittrich, DA; Doblin, MA
2022-10Temperature variability interacts with mean temperature to influence the predictability of microbial phenotypes.Fu, F-X; Tschitschko, B; Hutchins, DA; Larsson, ME; Baker, KG; McInnes, A; Kahlke, T; Verma, A; Murray, SA; Doblin, MA
2022-04-27Predictability of thermal fluctuations influences functional traits of a cosmopolitan marine diatom.Gill, RL; Collins, S; Argyle, PA; Larsson, ME; Fleck, R; Doblin, MA
2022-03-14Mucospheres produced by a mixotrophic protist impact ocean carbon cycling.Larsson, ME; Bramucci, AR; Collins, S; Hallegraeff, G; Kahlke, T; Raina, J-B; Seymour, JR; Doblin, MA
2022Improper Maintenance Activities Alter Benefits of Urban Stormwater Treatment in a Temperate Constructed Wetland in NSW, AustraliaWright, AS; Doblin, MA; Scanes, PR
2021-10-25Multivariate trait analysis reveals diatom plasticity constrained to a reduced set of biological axesArgyle, PA; Walworth, NG; Hinners, J; Collins, S; Levine, NM; Doblin, MA
2021-06-16The evolution of trait correlations constrains phenotypic adaptation to high CO2 in a eukaryotic algaWalworth, NG; Hinners, J; Argyle, PA; Leles, SG; Doblin, MA; Collins, S; Levine, NM
2021-01A High-Throughput Assay for Quantifying Phenotypic Traits of Microalgae.Argyle, PA; Hinners, J; Walworth, NG; Collins, S; Levine, NM; Doblin, MA
2021Legacy Metal Contaminants and Excess Nutrients in Low Flow Estuarine Embayments Alter Composition and Function of Benthic Bacterial Communities.Birrer, SC; Wemheuer, F; Dafforn, KA; Gribben, PE; Steinberg, PD; Simpson, SL; Potts, J; Scanes, P; Doblin, MA; Johnston, EL
2020-11-01Effect of phytoplankton community size structure on remote-sensing reflectance and chlorophyll a productsSoja-Woźniak, M; Laiolo, L; Baird, ME; Matear, R; Clementson, L; Schroeder, T; Doblin, MA; Suthers, IM
2020-11Pelagic forage fish distribution in a dynamic shelf ecosystem – Thermal demands and zooplankton prey distributionHolland, MM; Everett, JD; Cox, MJ; Doblin, MA; Suthers, IM
2020-09-04Taxonomic variability in the electron requirement for carbon fixation across marine phytoplankton.Hughes, DJ; Giannini, FC; Ciotti, AM; Doblin, MA; Ralph, PJ; Varkey, D; Verma, A; Suggett, DJ
2020-07The role of 44-methylgambierone in ciguatera fish poisoning: Acute toxicity, production by marine microalgae and its potential as a biomarker for Gambierdiscus spp.Murray, JS; Nishimura, T; Finch, SC; Rhodes, LL; Puddick, J; Harwood, DT; Larsson, ME; Doblin, MA; Leung, P; Yan, M; Rise, F; Wilkins, AL; Prinsep, MR
2020-02-01Dynamic variability of the phytoplankton electron requirement for carbon fixation in eastern Australian watersHughes, DJ; Crosswell, JR; Doblin, MA; Oxborough, K; Ralph, PJ; Varkey, D; Suggett, DJ
2020-01-01First report of the potentially toxic marine diatom Pseudo-nitzschia simulans (Bacillariophyceae) from the East Australian CurrentAjani, PA; Lim, HC; Verma, A; Lassudrie, M; McBean, K; Doblin, MA; Murray, SA
2019-12-01Characterisation of Two Toxic Gambierdiscus spp. (Gonyaulacales, Dinophyceae) from the Great Barrier Reef (Australia): G. lewisii sp. nov. and G. holmesii sp. nov.Kretzschmar, AL; Larsson, ME; Hoppenrath, M; Doblin, MA; Murray, SA
2019-06-01First description of the environmental niche of the epibenthic dinoflagellate species Coolia palmyrensis, C. malayensis, and C. tropicalis (Dinophyceae) from Eastern AustraliaLarsson, ME; Smith, KF; Doblin, MA
2019-05-01Live cell analysis at sea reveals divergent thermal performance between photosynthetic ocean microbial eukaryote populationsMcInnes, AS; Laczka, OF; Baker, KG; Larsson, ME; Robinson, CM; Clark, JS; Laiolo, L; Alvarez, M; Laverock, B; Kremer, CT; van Sebille, E; Doblin, MA