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27-Oct-2017The analytical role of endogenous money and the horizontalist–structuralist debateDocherty, PT; Rochon, L-P; Rossi, S
Jan-2012Keynes's general theory, the quantity theory of money and monetary policyDocherty, PT; Thomas Cate
Jan-2012Engagement with the mainstream in the future of post Keynesian economicsRochon, L; Docherty, PT
Jan-2011Keynes's Analysis of Economic Crises and Monetary Policy in the General Theory: Its Relevance after 75 yearsDocherty, PT
Jan-2010Reducing the expectations gap: Using an academic literacies approach to improve student writing in economicsDocherty, PT; Tse, HP
Jan-2010Credit evaluation, capital adequacy and asset price inflation: Key issues for prudential regulation after the global financial crisisDocherty, PT
Jan-2010Using synthetic data to evaluate the imapct of RTGS on systemic risk in the Australian payments systemDocherty, PT; Wang, G
Jan-2009A survey of AS-AD models for teaching undergraduates at intermediate levelDocherty, PT; Tse, HP
Jan-2009Re-evaluating the AS-AD model as a device for teaching intermediate macroeconomicsDocherty, PT; Tse, HP
Jan-2009Re-examining the implications of the new consensus: Endogenous money and Taylor rules in a simple neoclassical macro modelDocherty, PT
Jan-2008Basel II and the Political Economy of BankingDocherty, PT
Jan-2005Money and Employment: A Study of the Theoretical Implications of Endogenous MoneyDocherty, PT
Jan-2004The impact of the Basel II capital accord on Australian banks.Docherty, PT; Terry, C; Trayler, RM; Gup, B