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2021-04-01Research Summary: Social and market research on organic waste value chains in Sri LankaDominish, E; Hettiarachchi, K; Samarakoon, D; Esham, M; Winterford, K; Jacobs, B
2021-04-01Social and market research on organic waste value chains in Sri LankaDominish, E; Hettiarachchi, K; Samarakoon, D; Esham, M; Winterford, K; Jacobs, B
2021-04-01Fact Sheet: Opportunities for Improving Organic Waste Systems: Kaduwela Case StudyJayathilake, N; Drechsel, P; Dominish, E; Carrard, N
2021-04-01Organic Waste System Assessment: Kaduwela Municipal CouncilJayathilake, N; Drechsel, P; Dominish, E; Carrard, N
2021-02-20Adapting food systems to the twin challenges of phosphorus and climate vulnerability: the case of Sri LankaCordell, D; Dominish, E; Esham, M; Jacobs, B; Nanda, M
2020-02-27Scoping study for solar panels and battery system reuse and recycling in NSWFlorin, N; Wakefield-Rann, R; Dominish, E; Dwyer, S; Gertsakis, J; Hartford, N
2020Environmental impacts and demand-supply balance of minerals for the transition to a low-carbon energy systemWatari, T; McLellan, B; Giurco, D; Dominish, E; Tezuka, T
2019-10-15Integrating Circular Economy Strategies with Low-Carbon Scenarios: Lithium Use in Electric VehiclesWatari, T; Nansai, K; Nakajima, K; McLellan, BC; Dominish, E; Giurco, D
2019-09-01Total material requirement for the global energy transition to 2050: A focus on transport and electricityWatari, T; McLellan, BC; Giurco, D; Dominish, E; Yamasue, E; Nansai, K
2019-01-01Requirements for minerals and metals for 100% renewable scenariosGiurco, D; Dominish, E; Florin, N; Watari, T; McLellan, B
2019-01-01Just transition: Employment projections for the 2.0 °c and 1.5 °c scenariosDominish, E; Briggs, C; Teske, S; Mey, F
2019-01-01MethodologyTeske, S; Pregger, T; Simon, S; Naegler, T; Pagenkopf, J; Van Den Adel, B; Meinshausen, M; Dooley, K; Briggs, C; Dominish, E; Giurco, D; Florin, N; Morris, T; Nagrath, K
2018-04-05"Slowing" and "narrowing" the flow of metals for consumer goods: Evaluating opportunities and barriersDominish, E; Retamal, M; Sharpe, S; Lane, R; Rhamdhani, MA; Corder, G; Giurco, D; Florin, N
2017-11-20Sustainability evaluation of energy storage technologiesFlorin, N; Dominish, E
2017-11-01Australian Opportunities in a Circular Economy for Metals: Findings of the Wealth from Waste ClusterDominish, E; Florin, N; Giurco, D; Corder, G; Golev, A; Lane, R; Rhamdhani, A; Reck, B; Graedel, T; Sharpe, S; Edwards, M; Benn, S; Brooks, G
2017-10-30Exploring new business models for battery recyclingDominish, E; Chaplin, L; Giurco, D
2017-10-03Towards Phosphorus and Climate Smart Agriculture in Sri LankaCordell, DJ; Dominish, E; Esham, M; Jacobs, B
2017-06-30Creating demand for recycled organic compostDominish, E; Cordell, D; Jacobs, B
2016-08-01Reducing or increasing inequalities? The role of private water enterprises in rural Viet NamGrant, ML; Dominish, E; Carrard, N; Bui, L; Ha, H; Nghiem,, T; Willetts, J
2016-07-01Renewable Energy and Deep Sea Mining: Supply, Demand and ScenariosTeske, S; Florin, N; Dominish, E; Giurco, D