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Jan-2008Richer than Before - the cultivation of middle-class tasteDonald, SJ; Zheng, Y; Goodman, DS
Jan-2007Tourism and the Branded City: Film and Identity on the Pacific RimDonald, SJ; Gammack, JG
Jan-2007Competing Regions: the chromatics of the urban fixDonald, SJ; Gammack, JG; Marchetti, G; Kam, TS
Jan-2007Out on a Limb? Urban Traumas on the West Pacific RimDonald, SJ; Marcus, A; Neumann, D
Jan-2007Mobile Me: Approaches to mobile media use by children and young peopleDonald, SJ; Spry, DD; Goggin, G; Hjorth, L
Jan-2006The Idea of Hong Kong: Structures of Attention in the City of LifeDonald, SJ; Lindner Christopher
Jan-2006Collaborative Methods in Researching City Branding: Studies from Hong Kong, Shanghai and SydneyGammack, JG; Donald, SJ
Jan-2005The Ice Storm: Ang Lee, cosmopolitanism and the global audienceDonald, SJ; Elmer, G; eds, MG
Jan-2005Little Friends: Children's Film and Media Culture in ChinaDonald, SJ
Jan-2005Drawing Sydney: Flatlands and the Chromatic Contours of a Global CityDonald, SJ; Gammack, JG
Jan-2004Women, Technology in the Teaching Profession: Multi-literacy and Curriculum ImpactDonald, SJ; McLaren Anne
Jan-2004Branding Cities: a case study of collaborative methodologies in Cultural, Film and Marketing researchDonald, SJ; Gammack, JG; Not available
Jan-2004Love Patriotism and the City: Hong Kong's New Regime 2003-2004Donald, SJ; Morris, B; Verhoeven, D
Jan-2004Little Friends: Children and Creative Consumption in the People's Republic of ChinaDonald, SJ
Jan-2003Children, media, and the public sphere in Chinese AustraliaChu, Y; Donald, SJ; Witcomb, A; Rawnsley, GD; Rawnsley, MY
Jan-2003Treasuring the Word: De-politicisation and the Material PresentDonald, SJ; Benewick, R; Blecher, M; Cook, S
Jan-2002Crazy rabbits! Children's media culture and civilisationDonald, SJ; Donald, S
Jan-2002Children's Day: The Fashionable Performance of Modern Citizenship in ChinaDonald, SJ; Wendy Parkins
Jan-2002Media in China: New Covergences, New ApproachesDonald, SJ; Keane, M; Donald, S
Jan-2002Responses to Crisis: Convergence, Content Industries, and Media GovernanceKeane, M; Donald, SJ; Donald, S; Keane, M; Hong, Y