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2017Effects of climate change on coral grouper (Plectropomus spp.) and possible adaptation optionsPratchett, MS; Cameron, DS; Donelson, J; Evans, L; Frisch, AJ; Hobday, AJ; Hoey, AS; Marshall, NA; Messmer, V; Munday, PL; Pears, R; Pecl, G; Reynolds, A; Scott, M; Tobin, A; Tobin, R; Welch, DJ; Williamson, DH
Jan-2014Rabbitfish sentinels: first report of coordinated vigilance in conspecific marine fishesFox, RJ; Donelson, J
Jan-2014Reproductive Acclimation to Increased Water Temperature in a Tropical Reef FishDonelson, J; Mccormick, MI; Booth, DJ; Munday, PL
Jan-2012Thermal Sensitivity Does Not Determine Acclimation Capacity For A Tropical Reef FishDonelson, J; Munday, P
Jan-2012Parental Environment Mediates Impacts Of Increased Carbon Dioxide On A Coral Reef FishMiller, G; Watson, SA; Donelson, J; Mccormick, M; Munday, P
Jan-2011Acclimation To Predicted Ocean Warming Through Developmental Plasticity In A Tropical Reef FishDonelson, J; Munday, P; Mccormick, M; Nilsson, GE
Jan-2011Ocean Acidification Does Not Affect The Early Life History Development Of A Tropical Marine FishMunday, P; Gagliano, M; Donelson, J; Dixson, D; Thorrold, S
Jan-2009Effects Of Ocean Acidification On The Early Life History Of A Tropical Marine FishMunday, P; Donelson, J; Dixson, D; Endo, G
Jan-2009Parental Effects On Offspring Life Histories: When Are They Important?Donelson, J; Munday, P; Mccormick, M
Jan-2009Ocean Acidification Impairs Olfactory Discrimination And Homing Ability Of A Marine FishMunday, P; Dixson, D; Donelson, J; Jones, G; Pratchett, M; Devitsina, G; Doving, K
Jan-2008Parental Condition Affects Early Life-history Of A Coral Reef FishDonelson, J; Mccormick, M; Munday, P