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2023-07-01Performance of asphalt mortar with recycled concrete powder under different filler-to-asphalt weight ratiosLei, B; Xiong, Q; Zhao, H; Dong, W; Tam, VWY; Sun, Z; Li, W
2023-03Fracture behaviours of sustainable multi-recycled aggregate concrete under combined compression-shear loadingLei, B; Yu, H; Guo, Y; Dong, W; Liang, R; Wang, X; Lin, X; Wang, K; Li, W
2023-01-01Development of Self-sensing Cementitious Composites with Improved Water and Chloride ResistanceDong, W; Li, W; Liebscher, M; Mechtcherine, V
2022-12-01Self-sensing cement-based sensors with superhydrophobic and self-cleaning capacities after silane-based surficial treatmentsGuo, Y; Li, W; Dong, W; Wang, K; He, X; Vessalas, K; Sheng, D
2022-11-14Application of intrinsic cement-based sensor for traffic detections of human motion and vehicle speedDong, W; Li, W; Guo, Y; Sun, Z; Qu, F; Liang, R; Shah, SP
2022-11-01Self-sensing performance of cement-based sensor with carbon black and polypropylene fibre subjected to different loading conditionsGuo, Y; Li, W; Dong, W; Luo, Z; Qu, F; Yang, F; Wang, K
2022-06-01Low-carbon optimal planning of an integrated energy station considering combined power-to-gas and gas-fired units equipped with carbon capture systemsDong, W; Lu, Z; He, L; Geng, L; Guo, X; Zhang, J
2022-05-09A comprehensive review on self-sensing graphene/cementitious composites: A pathway toward next-generation smart concreteLi, W; Qu, F; Dong, W; Mishra, G; Shah, SP
2022-04-11Mechanical properties and piezoresistive performances of intrinsic graphene nanoplate/cement-based sensors subjected to impact loadDong, W; Li, W; Guo, Y; Wang, K; Sheng, D
2022-04-01Advances in multifunctional cementitious composites with conductive carbon nanomaterials for smart infrastructureLi, W; Dong, W; Guo, Y; Wang, K; Shah, SP
2022-02-01Piezoresistive performance of hydrophobic cement-based sensors under moisture and chloride-rich environmentsDong, W; Li, W; Guo, Y; Qu, F; Wang, K; Sheng, D
2022-01-01Multifunctional cementitious composites with integrated self-sensing and self-healing capacities using carbon black and slaked limeDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Shah, SP; Sheng, D
2022-01-01Temperature‐dependent electromagnetic microwave absorbing characteristics of stretchable polyurethane composite foams with ultra‐wide bandwidthSun, Z; Chen, Y; Zheng, J; Jiang, S; Dong, W; Li, X; Li, Y; Shiju, E
2022-01-01Piezoresistivity of Carbon Black/Cement-Based Sensor Enhanced with Polypropylene FibreLi, W; Dong, W; Shah, SP
2021-10-19Intrinsic graphene/cement-based sensors with piezoresistivity and superhydrophobicity capacities for smart concrete infrastructureDong, W; Li, W; Sun, Z; Ibrahim, I; Sheng, D
2021-09-10Development of piezoresistive cement-based sensor using recycled waste glass cullets coated with carbon nanotubesDong, W; Guo, Y; Sun, Z; Tao, Z; Li, W
2021-09-01A comprehensive review on performance of cementitious and geopolymeric concretes with recycled waste glass as powder, sand or culletDong, W; Li, W; Tao, Z
2021-07-30Stretchable polyurethane composite foam triboelectric nanogenerator with tunable microwave absorption properties at elevated temperatureZheng, J; Wei, X; Li, Y; Dong, W; Li, X; E, S; Wen, J
2021-06-07Physicochemical and Piezoresistive properties of smart cementitious composites with graphene nanoplates and graphite platesDong, W; Li, W; Wang, K; Shah, SP
2021-06-01Self-sensing cement-based sensors for structural health monitoring toward smart infrastructureLi, W; Dong, W; Castel, A; Sheng, D