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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021-06-14Auto-Navigator: Decoupled Neural Architecture Search for Visual NavigationTang, T; Yu, X; Dong, X; Yang, Y
2021-04-13Reconstructing the Surface Structure of NaREF<inf>4</inf>Upconversion Nanocrystals with a Novel K<sup>+</sup>TreatmentLiu, D; Xu, X; Du, Y; Liao, J; Wen, S; Dong, X; Jin, Y; Liu, L; Jin, D; Capobianco, JA; Shen, D
2021-03-17An Efficient Method for Modeling Nonoccurring Behaviors by Negative Sequential Patterns With Loose Constraints.Qiu, P; Gong, Y; Zhao, Y; Cao, L; Zhang, C; Dong, X
2021-03-08Low-Temperature-Induced Controllable Transversal Shell Growth of NaLnF4 NanocrystalsLiu, D; Jin, Y; Dong, X; Liu, L; Jin, D; Capobianco, JA; Shen, D
2021-01-26NATS-Bench: Benchmarking NAS Algorithms for Architecture Topology and Size.Dong, X; Liu, L; Musial, K; Gabrys, B
2021-01-01Supervision by Registration and Triangulation for Landmark Detection.Dong, X; Yang, Y; Wei, S-E; Weng, X; Sheikh, Y; Yu, S-I
2021Deep Reinforcement Learning for Robust Beamforming in IRS-assisted Wireless CommunicationsLin, J; Zou, Y; Dong, X; Gong, S; Hoang, DT; Niyato, D
2021Recognizing Vector Graphics without RasterizationJiang, X; Liu, L; Shan, C; Shen, Y; Dong, X; Li, D
2020-06-06AutoHAS: Efficient Hyperparameter and Architecture SearchDong, X; Tan, M; Yu, AW; Peng, D; Gabrys, B; Le, QV
2020-04-01Lightweight Privacy-Preserving Training and Evaluation for Discretized Neural NetworksChen, J; Zhou, J; Cao, Z; Vasilakos, AV; Dong, X; Choo, KKR
2020-04-01Self-paced multi-view co-trainingMa, F; Meng, D; Dong, X; Yang, Y
2020-01-09Searching for a Robust Neural Architecture in Four GPU HoursDong, X; Yang, Y
2020-01-01A spatial missing value imputation method for multi-view urban statistical dataGong, Y; Li, Z; Zhang, J; Liu, W; Chen, B; Dong, X
2020-01-01Activities in extended videoMa, F; Li, P; Zhu, L; Dong, X; Liu, Y; Yang, Y
2020e-RNSP: An Efficient Method for Mining Repetition Negative Sequential Patterns.Dong, X; Gong, Y; Cao, L
2020When Humans Meet Machines: Towards Efficient Segmentation NetworksLi, P; Dong, X; Yu, X; Yang, Y
2019-12-01Color-ratio pyrometry methods for flame–wall impingement studyChan, QN; Fattah, IMR; Zhai, G; Yip, HL; Chen, TBY; Yuen, ACY; Yang, W; Wehrfritz, A; Dong, X; Kook, S; Yeoh, GH
2019-10-01Auto-reID: Searching for a part-aware convnet for person re-identificationQuan, R; Dong, X; Wu, Y; Zhu, L; Yang, Y
2019-10-01An interactive visual analytics approach for network anomaly detection through smart labelingFan, X; Li, C; Yuan, X; Dong, X; Liang, J
2019-09-01network pruning via transformable architecture searchDong, X; Yang, Y