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12-Jul-2018Control and applications of direct matrix converters: A reviewZhang, J; Li, L; Dorrell, D
2018Validation of a Numerical Model for a Small Scale Fixed Multi-Chamber OWC DeviceShalby, M; Walker, P; Dorrell, D; Elhanafi, A
2017Modelling of the multi-chamber oscillating water column in regular waves at model scaleShalby, M; Walker, P; Dorrell, D
21-Dec-2016Impedance matrix analysis technique in wound rotor induction machines including general rotor asymmetrySalah, A; Guo, Y; Dorrell, D
2016The Characteristics of the Small Segment Multi-Chamber Oscillating Water ColumnShalby, M; Walker, P; Dorrell, D
1-Dec-2013Review of wireless charging coupler for electric vehiclesWang, S; Dorrell, D
1-Dec-2013A method for determining ipm motor parameters from simple torque test dataPopescu, M; Dorrell, D
5-Jul-2013Study of the thermal aspects in brushless permanent magnet machines performancePopescu, M; Staton, D; Dorrell, D; Marignetti, F; Hawkins, D
22-May-2013Magnetic circuit modeling of brushless doubly-fed machines with induction and reluctance rotorsHsieh, MF; Lin, IH; Dorrell, D
22-May-2013A novel approach to investigate the quantitative impact of harmonic currents on winding losses and short circuit forces in a furnace transformerCheema, MAM; Fletcher, JE; Dorrell, D; Junaid, M
22-May-2013A practical approach for the global optimization of electromagnetic design of 3-phase core-type distribution transformer allowing for capitalization of lossesCheema, MAM; Fletcher, JE; Dorrell, D
2010Analysis of design variations in brushless double-fed reluctance generators for wind turbine applicationsDorrell, D; Betz, R; Jovanovic, M; Goce Arsov, Goran Stojanovski
2009Cogging torque reduction in axial flux machines for small wind turbinesHsieh, M; Ekram, S; Dorrell, D; IEEE Magnetics Society
2006Effect of mutual coupling on torque production in switched reluctance motorsWalker, J; Dorrell, D; Cossar, C