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1-Feb-2019Multi–chamber oscillating water column wave energy converters and air turbines: A reviewShalby, M; Dorrell, DG; Walker, P
19-Jun-2018Field-oriented control based on hysteresis band current controller for a permanent magnet synchronous motor driven by a direct matrix converterZhang, J; Yang, H; Wang, T; Li, L; Dorrell, DG; Lu, DDC
5-Feb-2018Optimal selection of small-scale hybrid PV-battery systems to maximize economic benefit based on temporal load dataEvery, J; Li, L; Dorrell, DG
2-Jan-2018Decoupling Controller Design and Controllable Regions Analysis for the Space Vector Modulated Matrix Converter-Unified Power Flow Controller in Transmission SystemsZhang, J; Dorrell, DG; Li, L; Guo, Y
1-Jan-2018Validation of a numerical model for a small scale fixed multi-chamber OWC deviceShalby, M; Walker, P; Dorrell, DG; Elhanafi, A
1-Jan-2018Predictive Voltage Control of Direct Matrix Converters with Improved Output Voltage for Renewable Distributed GenerationZhang, J; Li, L; Dorrell, DG; Norambuena, M; Rodriguez, J
15-Dec-2017Investigation of direct matrix converter working as a versatile converter (AC/AC, AC/DC, DC/AC, DC/DC conversion) with predictive controlZhang, J; Li, L; He, T; Aghdam, MM; Dorrell, DG
15-Dec-2017Hysteresis band current controller based field-oriented control for an induction motor driven by a direct matrix converterZhang, J; Li, L; Zhang, L; Dorrell, DG
3-Nov-2017Performance analysis of correlated multi-channels in cognitive radio sensor network based smart gridOgbodo, EU; Dorrell, DG; Abu-Mahfouz, AM
3-Nov-2017Wind farm grounding system analysisSiahpoosh, MK; Li, L; Dorrell, DG
3-Nov-2017Analysis of DFIG machine with rotor-wound faultsSalah, AA; Guo, Y; Dorrell, DG
3-Nov-2017Operating limits and practical operation of a brushless doubly-fed reluctance machineSong, WK; Dorrell, DG; Knight, AM; Betz, RE; Gay, D
3-Nov-2017Predictive voltage control of direct matrix converter with reduced number of sensors for the renewable energy and microgrid applicationsZhang, J; Li, L; Malekjamshidi, Z; Dorrell, DG
1-Nov-2017Detection of Inter-Turn Stator Faults in Induction Motors Using Short-Term Averaging of Forward and Backward Rotating Stator Current Phasors for Fast PrognosticsDorrell, DG; Makhoba, K
1-Nov-2017Influence of End Effects on Direct- and Quadrature-Axis Inductances in Linear Electromagnetic ActuatorsBoff, BHB; Zanatta, AP; Dorrell, DG; Eckert, PR
1-Nov-2017Ironless Machine Design for Wind-Based MicrogenerationVerdum, V; Homrich, RP; Flores Filho, AF; Dorrell, DG
2-Oct-2017Space vector modulation based proportional resonant current controller with selective harmonics compensation for matrix converter systemsZhang, J; Li, L; Dorrell, DG; Guo, Y
2-Oct-2017Economic optimization of hybrid PV-battery systems using hourly satellite insolation and daily temperature data: A case studyEvery, J; Li, L; Dorrell, DG
10-Aug-2017Rotor fault analysis in a doubly-fed induction generator using impedance matrix techniqueDorrell, DG; Salah, A; Guo, Y
10-Aug-2017Influence of end-effect on direct and quadrature inductances in linear electromagnetic actuatorsBoff, BB; Zanatta, AP; Flores Filho, AF; Dorrell, DG; Eckert, PR