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1-Jan-2020Spanning Two Worlds: Protection, Assimilation, and the Role of Edward Meurant, Government Interpreter, New Zealand, 1840-1851Dorsett, S; Furphy, S; Nettelbeck, A
1-Nov-2018Surviving on the brink: New Zealand Workers, unions and employment relations, 1991-2008Lafferty, G; Dorsett, S
1-Jan-2014Jurisprudences of jurisdiction: matters of public authorityDorsett, S; McVeigh, S
1-Jan-2014Laws, engagements and legacies: The legal histories of the British Empire: An introductionDorsett, S; McLaren, J
1-Dec-2013Reforming equity: New Zealand 1843-56Dorsett, S
1-Dec-2012Section 223 and the shape of native title: The limits of jurisdictional thinkingDorsett, S; McVeigh, S
1-Dec-2012Conduct of laws: Native title, responsibility, and some limits of jurisdictional thinkingDorsett, S; McVeigh, S
1-Jan-2012'Destitute of the knowledge of God': Maori Testimony Before the New Zealand Courts in the Early Crown Colony PeriodDorsett, S; Kirkby, D
1-Oct-2010Good faith and the Fair Work Act: Its potential, in light of the New Zealand experienceDorsett, S; Lafferty, G
23-Feb-2010The Act that almost was: The Fijian Qoliqoli Bill 2006Dorsett, S
Jan-2010Sovereignty as Governance in the Early New Zealand Crown Colony PeriodDorsett, SG; Dorsett, S; Hunter, I
1-Aug-2009Sworn on the dirt of graves: Sovereignty, jurisdiction and the judicial abrogation of 'Barbarous' customs in New Zealand in the 1840sDorsett, S
20-Dec-2006Mapping territoriesDorsett, S
1-Jan-2006Aboriginal rights in the offshore: Māori customary rights under the foreshore and seabed act 2004 (nz)Dorsett, S