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2019-12-01What Design Can't DoDorst, K
2019-11-01Co-evolution and emergence in designDorst, K
2019-11Co-evolution and emergence in designDorst, K
2019-06-01Design beyond DesignDorst, K
2018-07-01DTRS: A catalyst for research in design thinkingDorst, K
2017-11-01Advancing the strategic impact of human-centred designvan der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Dorst, K
2017-07-27Notes on Design How Creative Practice WorksDorst, K
2017-06-01Stepping Stones between Design Research and Cognitive ScienceDorst, K
2016-09-01The art of ‘stepping back’: Studying levels of abstraction in a diverse design teamKokotovich, V; Dorst, K
2015-11-02Comparing Frame Creation and TRIZ: from model to methodologyDorst, K; Kokotovich, V; Popovic, V; Blackler, A; Luh, DB; Nimkulrat, N; Kraal, B; Nagai, Y
2015-09-01Frame Creation and Design in the Expanded FieldDorst, K
2015-01-01Design innovation for societal and business changeThurgood, C; Dorst, K; Bucolo, S; Van Der Bijl-Brouwer, M; Vermaas, P
2015-01-01Linkography: Unfolding the design processDorst, K
2015-01-01Framing in design: A formal analysis and failure modesVermaas, P; Dorst, K; Thurgood, C
2014-09-02Applying Design Thinking Elsewhere: Organizational context mattersDorst, K; Smulders, F; vermaas, P; Bohemia, E; Rieple, A; Liedtka, J; Cooper, R
2014-01-01How deep is deep? A four-layer model of insights into human needs for design innovationVan Der Bijl Brouwer, M; Dorst, K
2013-12-01Shaping the design research revolutionDorst, K
2013-08-01Introduction to Design+CrimeAsquith, L; Dorst, K; Kaldor, L; Watson, R
2013-03-22Design theory: History, state of the art and advancementsLe Masson, P; Dorst, K; Subrahmanian, E
2013-01-01Design expertiseLawson, B; Dorst, K