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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019-12-19The learning organization as a context for value co-creationMastio, E; Chew, E; Dovey, KA
2016-01-29Action Research as a Leadership Strategy for Innovation: The Case of a Global High-Technology OrganisationAllen, G; Dovey, KA
2014-01-01Learning to create sustainable value in turbulent operational contexts: the role of leadership practicesChew, E; Dovey, KA
2014-01The Politics of Innovation: Realising the Value of IntrapreneursDovey, KA; McCabe, B
2012-01Leadership in projects and its impact on business strategy; An Australian CaseSixsmith, AJ; Dovey, KA; Linger, H; Owen, J
2011-01Dangerous Learning in Edgy Contexts: Creativity and Innovation in the South African Arts DomainDovey, KA; Muller, E
2011-01The Promise of Crisis: Dangerous Learning in Turbulent ContextsDovey, KA; Orr, K
2011-01Action Research as a Knowledge Generating Change MethodologyMartincic, A; Dovey, KA
2010-01The Social Dynamics of Generating and Leveraging Intellectual Capital for InnovationDovey, KA; Mooney, GR; Rodrigues Susana
2009-01The Role of Trust in InnovationDovey, KA
2008-01Addressing Structural Inhibitors of Change in Public Health Sector Organizations: A South African Case.Dovey, KA
2007-01The Role of Enterprise Logic in the Failure of Organizations to Learn and Transform A Case from the Financial Services IndustryDovey, KA; Fenech, BJ
2007-01Leading change in the South African District Health ServiceDovey, KA; Strydom, A; Penderis, B; Kemp, P
2005-01Leadership Education in the Era of Disruption: What Can Business Schools Offer?Dovey, KA
2005-01Learning and knowing in teamsDovey, KA; Singhota, J
2005-01Learning about learning in knowledge-intense organizationsDovey, KA; White, RJ
2005-01The role of structure in the failure of organisations to learn and transformFenech, BJ; Dovey, KA; Gherardi, S; Nicolini, D
2004-01Knowledge Construction in an Australian software development enterprise: developing the knowledge bases for innovative renewalWhite, RJ; Dovey, KA
2002-01Leadership Development in a South African Health ServiceDovey, KA
2001-01Partnerships in educational networks in community organisationsDovey, KA; Green, J; McQueen, M; Publisher