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2021-04-01No-Load Performance Analysis of an Asymmetric-Pole Single-Phase Doubly Salient Permanent Magnet MachineXu, W; Zhang, Y; Du, G; He, M; Zhu, J
2021-03-01Comprehensive Sensitivity Analysis and Multiphysics Optimization of the Rotor for a High Speed Permanent Magnet MachineDu, G; Huang, N; Zhao, Y; Lei, G; Zhu, J
2020-12-01Parameter Design for a High-Speed Permanent Magnet Machine under Multiphysics ConstraintsDu, G; Huang, N; He, H; Lei, G; Zhu, J
2020-05-01Effects of Design Parameters on the Multiphysics Performance of High-Speed Permanent Magnet MachinesDu, G; Xu, W; Zhu, J; Huang, N
2020-05-01Design and Analysis of a Hybridly Excited Asymmetric Stator Pole Doubly Salient MachineXu, W; Zhang, Y; Du, G; He, M; Zhu, J; Ning, L; Ye, C; Hua, W
2020-04-01Power loss and thermal analysis for high-power high-speed permanent magnet machinesDu, G; Xu, W; Zhu, J; Huang, N
2020-02-01Preparation of BiPO4/graphene photoelectrode and its photoelectrocatalyitic performanceHe, Z; Liu, S; Zhong, Y; Chen, D; Ding, H; Wang, J; Du, G; Yang, G; Hao, Q
2019-12-01Rotor Stress Analysis for High-Speed Permanent Magnet Machines Considering Assembly Gap and Temperature GradientDu, G; Xu, W; Zhu, J; Huang, N
2019-09-01A Novel Hybrid Excited Doubly Salient Machine with Asymmetric Stator PolesHe, M; Xu, W; Zhu, J; Ning, L; Du, G; Ye, C
2017-08-09Performance of a semi-active/passive integrated isolator based on a magnetorheological elastomer and springDu, G; Huang, X; Li, Y; Ouyang, Q; Wang, J
2016-06-29Boron-Doped Anatase TiO2 as a High-Performance Anode Material for Sodium-Ion Batteries.Wang, B; Zhao, F; Du, G; Porter, S; Liu, Y; Zhang, P; Cheng, Z; Liu, HK; Huang, Z
2016-01-01EditorialCoca-Stefaniak, A; Morrison, AM; Edwards, D; Graburn, N; Liu, C; Pearce, P; Ooi, CS; Pearce, DG; Stepchenkova, S; Richards, GW; So, A; Spirou, C; Dinnie, K; Heeley, J; Puczkó, L; Shen, H; Selby, M; Kim, HB; Du, G