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2022-08-01Federated Multi-Agent Deep Reinforcement Learning for Resource Allocation of Vehicle-to-Vehicle CommunicationsLi, X; Lu, L; Ni, W; Jamalipour, A; Zhang, D; Du, H
2022-06-30Monocular Camera-Based Point-Goal Navigation by Learning Depth Channel and Cross-Modality Pyramid FusionTang, T; Du, H; Yu, X; Yang, Y
2021-10-01XFinder: Detecting Unknown Anomalies in Distributed Machine Learning ScenarioDu, H; Wang, S; Huo, H
2021-07-01A semi-active variable equivalent stiffness and inertance device implemented by an electrical networkNing, D; Du, H; Zhang, N; Jia, Z; Li, W; Wang, Y
2021-06-01Friction observer-based hybrid controller for a seat suspension with semi-active electromagnetic damperXia, X; Zheng, M; Liu, P; Zhang, N; Ning, D; Du, H
2021-03-01Joint Frequency and DOA Estimation with Automatic Pairing Using the Rayleigh–Ritz TheoremDu, H; Gao, H; Jia, W
2020-09CSANZ COVID-19 Cardiovascular Nursing Care Consensus Statement: Executive Summary.Inglis, SC; Naismith, C; White, K; Hendriks, JM; Bray, J; Hickman, LD; Aldridge, C; Bardsley, K; Cameron, J; Candelaria, D; Cartledge, S; Du, H; Ferguson, C; Martin, L; Selkow, T; Xu, X; Wynne, R; Driscoll, A; Gallagher, R; Clark, R; Davidson, PM
2020-08-01An Electromagnetic Variable Stiffness Device for Semiactive Seat Suspension Vibration ControlNing, D; Du, H; Sun, S; Zheng, M; Li, W; Zhang, N; Jia, Z
2020-07-02mHealth education interventions in heart failure.Allida, S; Du, H; Xu, X; Prichard, R; Chang, S; Hickman, LD; Davidson, PM; Inglis, SC
2020-04-01Controllable Electrically Interconnected Suspension System for Improving Vehicle Vibration PerformanceNing, D; Du, H; Zhang, N; Sun, S; Li, W
2020-01-01Learning Object Relation Graph and Tentative Policy for Visual NavigationDu, H; Yu, X; Zheng, L
2019-11-01An electromagnetic variable inertance device for seat suspension vibration controlNing, D; Sun, S; Du, H; Li, W; Zhang, N; Zheng, M; Luo, L
2019-10-01A Novel electrical variable stiffness device for vehicle seat suspension control with mismatched disturbance compensationNing, D; Du, H; Sun, S; Li, W; Zhang, N; Dong, M
2019-09-01A rotary variable admittance device and its application in vehicle seat suspension vibration controlNing, D; Sun, S; Yu, J; Zheng, M; Du, H; Zhang, N; Li, W
2019-06-01A variable inertance and variable damping vibration control system with electric circuitNing, D; Jia, Z; Du, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
2019-02-01Optimal preview position control for shifting actuators of automated manual transmissionChen, Z; Zhang, B; Zhang, N; Du, H; Kong, G
2019-01-01Disease Management Interventions in Lower-Limb Peripheral Arterial Disease: Impact on Functional StatusAllida, S; Pritchard, R; DiGiacomo, M; Du, H; Inglis, S
2018-06-01Vibration control of an energy regenerative seat suspension with variable external resistanceNing, D; Sun, S; Du, H; Li, W; Zhang, N
2018-03-01The Home-Heart-Walk study, a self-administered walk test on perceived physical functioning, and self-care behaviour in people with stable chronic heart failure: A randomized controlled trialDu, H; Newton, PJ; Budhathoki, C; Everett, B; Salamonson, Y; Macdonald, PS; Davidson, PM
2017-04-01DISCS: A Distributed Coordinate System Based on Robust Nonnegative Matrix CompletionCheng, J; Liu, Y; Ye, Q; Du, H; Vasilakos, AV