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2023-12-01Dynamic model averaging-based procurement optimization of prefabricated componentsDu, J; Li, X; Sugumaran, V; Hu, Y; Xue, Y
2023-05-31Multi-beam Conformal Transmitarray Synthesis for Advanced Wireless SystemsSong, L; Qin, P; Du, J; Guo, YJ
2023-03-13High-Efficiency Multi-Beam GRIN Lens with 2-D Wide-Angle CoveragesSong, L; Qin, P; Zhang, T; Du, J; Jay Guo, Y
2023-01-01Partially Concatenated Calderbank-Shor-Steane Codes Achieving the Quantum Gilbert-Varshamov Bound AsymptoticallyFan, J; Li, J; Wang, Y; Li, Y; Hsieh, MH; Du, J
2023-01-01Sub-THz Broadband Transmitting Metasurfaces with Enhanced Frequency Scanning CapabilitySong, LZ; Zhang, T; Qin, PY; Du, J; Guo, YJ
2023-01-012-D Wide-Angle Multi-Beam Flat GRIN Lens with A High Aperture EfficiencySong, LZ; Ansari, M; Qin, PY; Maci, S; Du, J; Jay Guo, Y
2023-01-01A 180 GHz to 220 GHz Wideband Transmitarray with Wide-Angle Beam Steering for Intersatellite CommunicationsSong, LZ; Zhang, T; Lai, JX; Yang, Y; Du, J
2023Demonstration of a 245 GHz Real-Time Wireless Communication link with 30 Gbps Data RateZhang, T; Zhang, H; Huang, X; Suzuki, H; Pathikulangara, J; Smart, K; Du, J; Guo, JY
2022-12-01Electrically tuneable terahertz metasurface enabled by a graphene/gold bilayer structureSquires, AD; Gao, X; Du, J; Han, Z; Seo, DH; Cooper, JS; Murdock, AT; Lam, SKH; Zhang, T; van der Laan, T
2022-11-03E-Band Multibeam Conformal Transmitarrays for Beyond 5G Wireless NetworksSong, L-Z; Qin, P-Y; Du, J
2022-10-01A 245 GHz Real-Time Wideband Wireless Communication Link with 30 Gbps Data RateZhang, T; Zhang, H; Huang, X; Suzuki, H; Pathikulangara, J; Smart, K; Du, J; Guo, J
2022-09-26600-GHz high-temperature superconducting sub-harmonic mixer coupled using a double-Y-type slot integrated lens antenna.Gao, X; Li, H; Zhang, T; Du, J; Smart, K; Ma, J; An, J
2022-07High-Tc Superconducting Microwave and Millimeter Devices and CircuitsAn OverviewZhang, T; Du, J; Guo, YJ
2022-04-15Translocation, bioaccumulation, and distribution of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs) in plants.Xu, B; Qiu, W; Du, J; Wan, Z; Zhou, JL; Chen, H; Liu, R; Magnuson, JT; Zheng, C
2022-03-28Innovation through internationalization: A systematic review and research agendaDu, J; Zhu, S; Li, WH
2022-01-21Design and modeling of a single-balanced high- T <inf>c</inf>superconducting Josephson-junction terahertz mixerGao, X; Li, H; Du, J; Zhang, T; Song, J; Bu, X; An, J; Liu, H
2022-01-01Improved biogeography-based optimization algorithm for lean production scheduling of prefabricated componentsDu, J; Xue, Y; Sugumaran, V; Hu, M; Dong, P
2022-01-01Wideband Conformal Transmitarrays for E-Band Multi-Beam ApplicationsSong, LZ; Qin, PY; Zhu, H; Du, J
2021-12-01A dual-beam lens-free slot-array antenna coupled high-Tc superconducting fundamental mixer at the W-bandGao, X; Zhang, T; Du, J; An, J; Bu, X; Guo, J
2021-11-17Terahertz Communication Demonstration by using a High-Tc Superconducting Josephson Receiver Integrated with a Miniature CryocoolerGao, X; Du, J; Zhang, T; Zhang, H; Huang, X; Guo, YJ