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2022-12Overqualification and underemployment for nursing graduates in Australia: A retrospective observational study.Li, IW; Duffield, C; Doleman, G
2022-04-01Employment of the Australian graduate nursing workforce: A retrospective analysisDoleman, G; Duffield, C; Li, IW; Watts, R
2022-02Start Healthy and Stay Healthy: A workplace health promotion intervention for new graduate nurses: A mixed-methods study.Brogan, E; Rossiter, C; Fethney, J; Duffield, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2022-01Factors influencing the development and implementation of nurse practitioner candidacy programs: A scoping review.Whitehead, L; Twigg, DE; Carman, R; Glass, C; Halton, H; Duffield, C
2021-10-22Occupational and Leisure-Time Physical Activity Have Different Relationships With Health: A Cross-Sectional Survey Study of Working Nurses.Parker, HM; Gallagher, R; Duffield, C; Ding, D; Sibbritt, D; Perry, L
2021-10-14A team mental model approach to understanding team effectiveness in the emergency departmentWise, S; Margaret, F; Duffield, C; Roche, M
2021-10-01Healthy eating and physical activity among new graduate nurses: A qualitative study of barriers and enablers during their first year of clinical practiceBrogan, E; Rossiter, C; Duffield, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2021-08-26Nurses' role in accomplishing interprofessional coordination: Lessons in 'almost managing' an emergency department team.Wise, S; Duffield, C; Fry, M; Roche, M
2021-07-12A team mental model approach to understanding team effectiveness in an emergency department: A qualitative study.Wise, S; Duffield, C; Fry, M; Roche, M
2021-07The relationship between patient obesity and nursing workload: An integrative review.Huang, SL; Cheng, H; Duffield, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2021-06-28Workforce management and patient outcomes in the intensive care unit during the COVID-19 pandemic and beyond: a discursive paper.Wynne, R; Davidson, PM; Duffield, C; Jackson, D; Ferguson, C
2021-06-01Does education level influence the practice profile of advanced practice nursing?Duffield, C; Gardner, G; Doubrovsky, A; Adams, M
2021-05-05Estimating the economic cost of nurse sensitive adverse events amongst patients in medical and surgical settingsMurphy, A; Griffiths, P; Duffield, C; Brady, NM; Scott, AP; Ball, J; Drennan, J
2021-01-20Administrative ApplicationsDoleman, G; Duffield, C
2021-01Clinician Engagement in Quality: A Literature Review.Dickinson, M; Duffield, C; Bichel-Findlay, J; Travaglia, J
2020-10-01Start healthy & stay healthy a workplace health promotion intervention for new graduate nurses: Study protocolBrogan, E; Duffield, C; Denney-Wilson, E
2020-03-06Clarifying workforce flexibility from a division of labor perspective: a mixed methods study of an emergency department team.Wise, S; Duffield, C; Fry, M; Roche, M
2020-01-01Harnessing ward-level administrative data and expert knowledge to improve staffing decisions: A multi-method case studyDuffield, C; Roche, MA; Wise, S; Debono, D
2019-11-01Uncovering the Disconnect Between Nursing Workforce Policy Intentions, Implementation, and Outcomes: Lessons Learned From the Addition of a Nursing Assistant RoleDuffield, C; Twigg, D; Roche, M; Williams, A; Wise, S
2019-10-01Manager, clinician or both? Nurse managers' engagement in clinical care activitiesDuffield, C; Gardner, G; Doubrovsky, A; Wise, S