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2021-09Australian firefighters perceptions of heat stress, fatigue and recovery practices during fire-fighting tasks in extreme environmentsFullagar, HHK; Schwarz, E; Richardson, A; Notley, SR; Lu, D; Duffield, R
2021-07-30Effect of Training/Competition Load and Scheduling on Sleep Characteristics in Professional Rugby League Athletes.Conlan, G; McLean, B; Kemp, J; Duffield, R
2021-04-23Competition scheduling patterns of emerging elite players in professional men's tennis.Perri, T; Duffield, R; Murphy, A; Mabon, T; Reid, M
2020-10-23Infographic. UEFA expert group 2020 statement on nutrition in elite football.Collins, J; Maughan, RJ; Gleeson, M; Bilsborough, J; Jeukendrup, A; Morton, JP; Phillips, SM; Armstrong, LE; Burke, LM; Close, GL; Duffield, R; Larson-Meyer, E; Louis, J; Medina, D; Meyer, F; Rollo, I; Sundgot-Borgen, JK; Wall, B; Boullosa, B; Dupont, G; Lizarraga, A; Res, P; Bizzini, M; Castagna, C; Cowie, CM; D'Hooghe, M; Geyer, H; Meyer, T; Papadimitiou, N; Vouillamoz, M; McCall, A
2020-07-02Recovery timeline following resistance training in professional female soccer playersGoulart, KNDO; Duffield, R; Junior, GOC; Passos Ramos, G; Pimenta, EM; Couto, BP
2020-05Assessing body composition in rugby players: agreement between different methods and association with physical performance.Hartmann Nunes, RF; de Souza Bezerra, E; Orssatto, LB; Moreno, YM; Loturco, I; Duffield, R; Silva, DA; Guglielmo, LG
2020-05Influence of Faster and Slower Recovery-Profile Classifications, Self-Reported Sleep, Acute Training Load, and Phase of the Microcycle on Perceived Recovery in Futsal Players.Wilke, CF; Wanner, SP; Santos, WHM; Penna, EM; Ramos, GP; Nakamura, FY; Duffield, R
2020-02-01Injury Incidence and Workloads during congested Schedules in FootballHowle, K; Waterson, A; Duffield, R
2020-01-24Injury epidemiology in Australian male professional soccer.Lu, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Kovalchik, S; Steinweg, J; Gelis, L; Duffield, R
2020-01-05Injury Incidence and Workloads during congested Schedules in Football.Howle, K; Waterson, A; Duffield, R
2019-11-30Effects of Far‐Infrared Emitting Ceramic Material Clothing on Recovery After Maximal Eccentric ExerciseNunes, RFH; Dittrich, N; Duffield, R; Serpa, MC; Coelho, TM; Martins, DF; Guglielmo, LGA
2019-11-26Recovery profiles following single and multiple matches per week in professional footballHowle, K; Waterson, A; Duffield, R
2019-11-26Monitoring residual 36 h post-match neuromuscular fatigue in rugby union; a role for postural control?Troester, JC; Duffield, R
2019-11-13Postural Control Responses to Different Acute and Chronic Training Load Profiles in Professional Rugby Union.Troester, JC; Duffield, R
2019-11-01Tobacco smoking and acute exercise on immune-inflammatory responses among relative short and longer smoking historiesHartmann, T; Marino, F; Duffield, R
2019-10-02The influence of training load on postural control and countermovement jump responses in rugby unionTroester, JC; Jasmin, JG; Duffield, R
2019-10-01Biological maturation and match running performance: A national football (soccer) federation perspectiveLovell, R; Fransen, J; Ryan, R; Massard, T; Cross, R; Eggers, T; Duffield, R
2019-08-01Improving the reporting of tennis injuries: The use of workload data as the denominator?Reid, M; Cormack, SJ; Duffield, R; Kovalchik, S; Crespo, M; Pluim, B; Gescheit, DT
2019-08-01The Effects of Sleep Loss on Military Physical PerformanceGrandou, C; Wallace, L; Fullagar, HHK; Duffield, R; Burley, S
2019-08-01Transitioning from club to national teams: Training and match load profiles of international footballersNoor, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Duncan, C; Ehrmann, F; Meyer, T; Duffield, R