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2022-11-16Prototype Machine Learning Algorithms from Wearable Technology to Detect Tennis Stroke and Movement Actions.Perri, T; Reid, M; Murphy, A; Howle, K; Duffield, R
2022-07The relationship between team-level and league-level injury rate, type and location in a professional football league.Lu, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Duffield, R
2022-06-25Inertial Sensor Estimation of Initial and Terminal Contact during In-Field Running.Yang, Y; Wang, L; Su, S; Watsford, M; Wood, LM; Duffield, R
2022-06-24Determining Stroke and Movement Profiles in Competitive Tennis Match-Play From Wearable Sensor Accelerometry.Perri, T; Reid, M; Murphy, A; Howle, K; Duffield, R
2022-06-03Fatigue and Recovery Time Course After Female Soccer Matches: A Systematic Review And Meta-analysis.Goulart, KNO; Coimbra, CC; Campos, HO; Drummond, LR; Ogando, PHM; Brown, G; Couto, BP; Duffield, R; Wanner, SP
2022-06The exchange of health and performance information when transitioning from club to National football teams: A Delphi survey of National team practitioners.McCall, A; Davison, M; Massey, A; Oester, C; Weber, A; Buckthorpe, M; Duffield, R
2022-05Validating an algorithm from a trunk-mounted wearable sensor for detecting stroke events in tennis.Perri, T; Reid, M; Murphy, A; Howle, K; Duffield, R
2022-05Cooling strategies for firefighters: Effects on physiological, physical, and visuo-motor outcomes following fire-fighting tasks in the heat.Fullagar, H; Notley, SR; Fransen, J; Richardson, A; Stadnyk, A; Lu, D; Brown, G; Duffield, R
2022-01-01Periodisation in professional tennis: A macro to micro analysis of load management strategies within a cluttered calendarPerri, T; Duffield, R; Murphy, A; Mabon, T; Reid, M
2021-12Perceived load, fatigue and recovery responses during congested and non-congested micro-cycles in international football tournaments.Noor, D; McCall, A; Jones, M; Duncan, C; Ehrmann, F; Meyer, T; Duffield, R
2021-09Australian firefighters perceptions of heat stress, fatigue and recovery practices during fire-fighting tasks in extreme environmentsFullagar, HHK; Schwarz, E; Richardson, A; Notley, SR; Lu, D; Duffield, R
2021-07-30Effect of Training/Competition Load and Scheduling on Sleep Characteristics in Professional Rugby League Athletes.Conlan, G; McLean, B; Kemp, J; Duffield, R
2021-06-06The influence of technique and physical capacity on ball release speed in cricket fast-bowling.Kiely, N; Pickering Rodriguez, L; Watsford, M; Reddin, T; Hardy, S; Duffield, R
2021-05-17Practitioner, Coach, and Athlete Perceptions of Evidence-Based Practice in Professional Sport in Australia.Schwarz, E; Harper, LD; Duffield, R; McCunn, R; Govus, A; Skorski, S; Fullagar, HHK
2021-04-23Competition scheduling patterns of emerging elite players in professional men's tennis.Perri, T; Duffield, R; Murphy, A; Mabon, T; Reid, M
2021-01-13Preseason Training Improves Perception of Fatigue and Recovery From a Futsal Training Session.Wilke, CF; Wanner, SP; Penna, EM; Maia-Lima, A; Santos, WHM; Müller-Ribeiro, FC; Mendes, TT; Bruzzi, RS; Ramos, GP; Nakamura, FY; Duffield, R
2021-01-01UEFA expert group statement on nutrition in elite football. Current evidence to inform practical recommendations and guide future research.Collins, J; Maughan, RJ; Gleeson, M; Bilsborough, J; Jeukendrup, A; Morton, JP; Phillips, SM; Armstrong, L; Burke, LM; Close, GL; Duffield, R; Larson-Meyer, E; Louis, J; Medina, D; Meyer, F; Rollo, I; Sundgot-Borgen, J; Wall, BT; Boullosa, B; Dupont, G; Lizarraga, A; Res, P; Bizzini, M; Castagna, C; Cowie, CM; D'Hooghe, M; Geyer, H; Meyer, T; Papadimitriou, N; Vouillamoz, M; McCall, A
2021-01-01The effect of post-match resistance training on recovery in female footballers; when is best to train?Goulart, KNDO; Couto, BP; Junior, GOC; Pimenta, EM; Duffield, R
2021-01-01Post-match recovery in soccer with far-infrared emitting ceramic material or cold-water immersionCoelho, TM; Nunes, RFH; Nakamura, FY; Duffield, R; Serpa, MC; da Silva, JF; Carminatt, LJ; Cidral-Filho, FJ; Goldim, MP; Mathias, K; Petronilho, F; Martins, DF; Guglielmo, LGA
2021-01-01The influence of training and competition on sleep behaviour of soccer refereesLastella, M; Miller, DJ; Vincent, GE; Elsworthy, N; Scanlan, AT; Duffield, R