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2023-01-09Diversity and Potential Multifunctionality of Archaeal CetZ Tubulin-like Cytoskeletal Proteins.Brown, HJ; Duggin, IG
2023"Influence of plasmids, selection markers and auxotrophic mutations on Haloferax volcanii cell shape plasticity".Patro, M; Duggin, IG; Albers, S-V; Ithurbide, S
2023Improving the genetic system for Halorubrum lacusprofundi to allow in-frame deletions.Gebhard, LJ; Duggin, IG; Erdmann, S
2022-12Bacterial filamentation during urinary tract infections.Abell-King, C; Costas, A; Duggin, IG; Söderström, B
2022-06-25Assembly dynamics of FtsZ and DamX during infection-related filamentation and division in uropathogenic E. coli.Söderström, B; Pittorino, MJ; Daley, DO; Duggin, IG
2022-01-01Two FtsZ proteins orchestrate archaeal cell division through distinct functions in ring assembly and constrictionLiao, Y; Ithurbide, S; Löwe, J; Duggin, IG
2021-08-15The Repressor C Protein, Pf4r, Controls Superinfection of Pseudomonas aeruginosa PAO1 by the Pf4 Filamentous Phage and Regulates Host Gene ExpressionIsmail, MH; Michie, KA; Goh, YF; Noorian, P; Kjelleberg, S; Duggin, IG; McDougald, D; Rice, SA
2021-07-08Cysteine biosynthesis contributes to β-methylamino-l-alanine tolerance in Escherichia coli.Italiano, CJ; Pu, L; Violi, JP; Duggin, IG; Rodgers, KJ
2021-05-11CdrS is a global transcriptional regulator influencing cell division in Haloferax volcaniiLiao, Y; Vogel, V; Hauber, S; Bartel, J; Alkhnbashi, OS; Maaß, S; Schwarz, TS; Backofen, R; Becher, D; Duggin, IG; Marchfelder, A
2021-05Cell division in the archaeon Haloferax volcanii relies on two FtsZ proteins with distinct functions in division ring assembly and constriction.Liao, Y; Ithurbide, S; Evenhuis, C; Löwe, J; Duggin, IG
2021-04-07Mycobacterial infection-induced miR-206 inhibits protective neutrophil recruitment via the CXCL12/CXCR4 signalling axisWright, K; de Silva, K; Plain, KM; Purdie, AC; Blair, TA; Duggin, IG; Britton, WJ; Oehlers, SH
2021-03-15A newly identified prophage-encoded gene, <i>ymfM</i>, causes SOS-inducible filamentation in <i>Escherichia coli</i>.Ansari, S; Walsh, JC; Bottomley, AL; Duggin, IG; Burke, C; Harry, EJ
2021-02Improved growth and morphological plasticity of <i>Haloferax volcanii</i>.de Silva, RT; Abdul-Halim, MF; Pittrich, DA; Brown, HJ; Pohlschroder, M; Duggin, IG
2020-10-13An Oscillating MinD Protein Determines the Cellular Positioning of the Motility Machinery in Archaea.Nußbaum, P; Ithurbide, S; Walsh, JC; Patro, M; Delpech, F; Rodriguez-Franco, M; Curmi, PMG; Duggin, IG; Quax, TEF; Albers, S-V
2020-06-15Distinct morphological fates of uropathogenic E. coli intracellular bacterial communities: dependency on urine composition and pH.Iosifidis, G; Duggin, IG
2020-01Establishing Live-Cell Single-Molecule Localization Microscopy Imaging and Single-Particle Tracking in the Archaeon <i>Haloferax volcanii</i>.Turkowyd, B; Schreiber, S; Wörtz, J; Segal, ES; Mevarech, M; Duggin, IG; Marchfelder, A; Endesfelder, U
2020Improved growth and morphological plasticity of Haloferax volcaniide Silva, R; Abdul-Halim, M; Pittrich, D; Brown, H; Pohlschroder, M; Duggin, IG
2020Establishing live-cell single-molecule localization microscopy imaging and single-particle tracking in the archaeon Haloferax volcaniiTurkowyd, B; Schreiber, S; Wörtz, J; Shtifman Segal, E; Mevarech, M; Duggin, IG; Marchfelder, A; Endesfelder, U
2019-09-01Division plane placement in pleomorphic archaea is dynamically coupled to cell shapeWalsh, JC; Angstmann, CN; Bisson-Filho, AW; Garner, EC; Duggin, IG; Curmi, PMG
2019-01Analysis of the Archaeal ESCRT Apparatus.Samson, RY; Duggin, IG; Bell, SD